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Hi everyone,

It’s Caroline and I’m back to do another book review.

This week, I read a tween book called Pippa Park Raises Her Game by Erin Yun. It’s about a seventh grade Korean American girl named Pippa, who hates math and loves basketball. Pippa is really good at playing basketball and she gets a mysterious scholarship to attend and play basketball for a local preppy private school. Since she’s about to start at a new school, Pippa decides to reinvent herself. She wants to be more confident and be friends with the popular group. When she gets to her new school, Pippa does become friends with the popular group, called the Royals, but she doesn’t want her new friends to know things about herself, like how her family doesn’t have a lot of money and how she’s there on a scholarship. Pippa begins to tell lies to cover these truths and as her lies grow, she struggles to balance everything in her life.

The book does a great job of combining sports with middle school drama and Pippa, although she’s making mistakes, is a character that you root for.

I would say the book is good for Grades 5-8. A strong fourth grade reader could also read this book. There isn’t anything inappropriate in the book, just a few crushes.

If you are interested in reading this book, you can download a digital copy by going to Nassau Digital Doorway or by downloading the Libby App.

Stay safe and healthy!


Hi everyone!

It’s Caroline, your local YA Librarian. I hope you and your families are all safe and healthy!

A huge part of my job is conducting reader’s advisory and even though the Library is currently closed, I still wanted to talk to you about awesome YA and Tween books.

This week I read a brand new YA book called Most Likely written by Sarah Watson. It’s about 4 best friends, Ava, CJ, Jordan and Martha, who are seniors in High School. They are four strong civic minded young women, who on top of dealing with SAT scores and college applications, are trying to save a local park from being torn down.

You learn at the start of the book, that in 2049 one of these girls will be elected President of the United States but you don’t know which one. A fun part of reading this book is trying to figure out who is going to be President. At one point, I was convinced that this one is going to be President but then something else happened and I was like no it’s going to this one. So there’s a little mystery to it. And spoilers…there is a twist at the end!

It’s a wonderful coming of age story about these four young women and their strong friendship that I highly recommend

If you’re interested in reading Most Likely by Sarah Watson you can visit the Nassau Digital Doorway or download the Libby App and with your Library card number, borrow a digital copy of this book. If you don’t have a Library card, if you go to our website, and you click the COVID-19 alert and scroll all the way down, you can apply for a digital library card.

Next week, I will probably read and review a Tween book, so look out for that.

Stay safe and healthy!







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