“Mr. Flood’s Last Resort” by Jess Kidd

4 -1/2 stars

Loss and the trauma that often goes with it affect us in many ways. Mr. Flood’s Last Resort examines those ways behind a cheeky façade that will have you smiling at the rich characters of this novel, while also feeling their immense pain. Maud Drennan is a care worker assigned to Cathal Flood, a cantankerous old man who has lost his family and become a hoarder in his grief. Similarly, Maud’s sister disappeared when they were both young and since then Maud has been seeing and conversing with various saints.  They come to rely on one another, though Maud is sure that there is murder in Cathal’s past. The murder mystery ostensibly drives this story, and Maud’s attempt to find answers puts her in some unusual situations. Luckily, she has her best friend Renata – an agoraphobic transvestite, also bereaving a loved one—helping her along. The real story, though, is how we cope with the loss of loved ones.

–Marie D.

Posted in Summer Reading 2018 Adult.