“The Rent Collector” by Camron Wright

5 stars

It isn’t often that one reads a book that (to use a phrase borrowed from the book) touches one’s soul. Yet, here is one such amazingly good story set in the most unlikeliest place, a municipal garbage dump on the outskirts of Phenom Penh, Cambodia.

A husband comes home from the dump with a book that he shows his wife. They are both illiterate, yet this book becomes a source of wonderment for them. When the “rent collector” comes to their shack to collect the rent, the wife (Sang Ly) realizes that the rent collector can read. She is amazed at this discovery and she pleads with the old woman to teach her to read also.

This transformative journey from illiterate peasant to someone in love with all forms of literature becomes a magical excursion for the reader as well. This is a book of love and life and hope.  It is a wonderful accessible read and heartily recommended by this reader.

–Joan C.

Call No.: FIC Wright

Posted in Summer Reading 2017 Adult.