“The Fifth Element” by Jordan Brekke

3 stars

Nordic noir is my go-to for mystery books: I like the settings, the characters, the plots. But Brekke’s latest Norwegian outing left me cold (no pun intended). This book is complicated: Four different sections detailing often-brutal crimes that are all tangled together by the end. That wasn’t the tough part to read, however. What was difficult was the lack of anything good. There was too much violence, too much sadness, no redemption in any of the characters — and it ends on a little bit of a cliffhanger that portends more bad news for our protagonist in the next book. I won’t stop reading Nordic noir, but I may take Brekke off my list. Even in the darkest of winters, you need a little light.

–Marie D.

Call No.: FIC Brekke

Posted in Summer Reading 2017 Adult.