“The Bridge Ladies” by Betsy Lerner

4 stars

Disclaimer:  I am an avid bridge player, therefore any book using this best of all card games, just can’t be bad! (in my estimation).

The narrator/author Betsy Lerner is the daughter of one of five women who have met for 50 years to play bridge. Each week one of them hosts the game, and either takes everyone out for lunch or caters the lunch herself. (Note: Only four can play each hand, but there is often someone who can’t make it, so they play with one additional player.) As a teenager, watching her mother, Betsy had no interest in learning the game at all. One aspect of this book shows her evolution from a somewhat “wild child” of the 60s and 70s, fighting her mother at every opportunity, to a productive wife, mother, and loving daughter.

These five bridge ladies have an extraordinary bond, and their story is told with wit and charm. This is a wonderful read and you don’t have to be a bridge player to enjoy it.

–Joan C.

Call no.: B Lerner

Posted in Summer Reading 2017 Adult.