World War II Fiction (Grade 4-6)

Adler, David.  Don’t Talk to Me About The War.  J FIC Adler
In 1940, thirteen-year-old Tommy’s routine of school, playing stickball in his Bronx, New York, neighborhood, talking with his friend Beth, and listening to Dodgers games on the radio changes as his mother’s illness and his increasing awareness of the war in Europe transform his world.

Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker.  The War That Saved My Life.  J FIC Bradley
A young disabled girl and her brother are evacuated from London to the English countryside during World War II, where they find life to be much sweeter away from their abusive mother.

Ferrari, Michael.  Born to Fly.  J FIC Ferrari
In 1942, an eleven-year-old girl who longs to be a pilot and her family try to manage their lives in Rhode Island when the father goes to fight in World War II.

Herman, Charlotte.  My Chocolate Year.  J FIC Herman
In 1945 Chicago, as her Jewish family anxiously awaits news of relatives left behind in Europe, ten-year-old Dorrie learns new recipes in the hope of winning a baking competition at school.  

Hesse, Karen.  Aleutian Sparrow.  J FIC Hesse
An Aleutian Islander recounts her suffering during World War II in American internment camps designed to “protect” the population from the invading Japanese.

Kimpton, Paul & Kimpton, Ann Kaczkowski.  Starting Early: A Boy and his Bugle in America.  JPB K
During World War II, sixth-grader Dale is disappointed that he must wait to learn to play the cornet, but his grandfather, a Spanish-American War veteran, teaches him the bugle, and his skill proves useful when a fire starts at a defense plant.

Larson, Kirby.  Dash.  J FIC Larson
Forced to move with her family to an internment camp after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese-American Mitsi mourns her separation from her dog and tries to keep up with the outside world with the help of a neighbor back home.

Larson, Kirby.  The Fences Between Us.  J FIC Dear America
Thirteen-year-old Piper Davis records in her diary her experiences beginning in December 1941 when her brother joins the Navy, the United States goes to war, she attempts to document her life through photography, and her father–the pastor for a Japanese Baptist Church in Seattle–follows his congregants to an Idaho internment camp, taking her along with him. 

Lee, Milly.  Nim and the War Effort.  J FIC Lee
In her determination to prove that an American can win the contest for the war effort, Nim does something which leaves her Chinese grandfather both bewildered and proud.

Levitin, Sonia.  Annie’s Promise.  J FIC Levitin
Her experiences at a summer camp in the California mountains in 1945 give twelve-year-old Annie Platt new insight into her overprotective family of German-Jewish immigrants. Sequel to “Silver Days.”

Lieurance, Suzanne.  The Lucky Baseball.  J FIC Lieurance
In 1942 after the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, twelve-year-old Harry Yakamoto and his family are forced to move to an internment camp where they must learn to survive in the desert of California under the watch of armed guards. Includes section about the treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

McDonough, Yona Zeldis.  The Bicycle Spy.  J FIC McDonough
Twelve-year-old Marcel loves riding his bicycle, and dreams of competing in the Tour de France, but it is 1942 and German soldiers are everywhere, stopping him as he delivers bread from his parents’ bakery around Aucoin–then one day he discovers that it is not just bread he is delivering, and suddenly he finds himself in possession of dangerous secrets about his parents and his new friend from Paris, Delphine.

McKay, Sharon.  End of the Line.  J FIC McKay
When tram conductor, Hans, and ticket collector, Lars, claim that Beatrice, is their niece they save her from the same fate of her mother, but open themselves up to the dangers of hiding a Jewish child in 1940’s Amsterdam. 

Osborne, Mary Pope.  My Secret War.  J FIC Dear America
Thirteen-year-old Madeline’s diaries for 1941 and 1942 reveal her experiences living on Long Island during World War II while her father is away in the Navy.

Patt, Beverly.  Best Friends Forver: a World War II Scrapbook.  J FIC Patt
Fourteen-year-old Louise keeps a scrapbook detailing the events in her life after her best friend, a Japanese-American girl, and her family are sent to a relocation camp during World War II.

Peck, Richard.  On the Wings of Heroes.  J FIC Peck
A boy in Illinois remembers the homefront years of World War II, especially his two heroes–his brother in the Air Force and his father, who fought in the previous war.

Rodman, Mary Anne.  Jimmy’s Stars.  J FIC Rodman
In 1943, eleven-year-old Ellie is her brother Jimmy’s “best girl,” and when he leaves Pittsburgh just before Thanksgiving to fight in World War II, he promises he will return, asks her to leave the Christmas tree up until he does, and reminds her to “let the joy out.”

Schroder, Monika.  The Dog in the Wood.  J FIC Schroder
As World War II draws to an end, Russian soldiers occupy Schwartz, Germany, bringing both friendship and hardship to the family of ten-year-old Fritz, whose grandfather was a Nazi sympathizer, eventually forcing them to leave their farm, then arresting Fritz’s mother and her hired hand.

Sepahban, Lois.  Paper Wishes.  J FIC Sepahban
Near the start of World War II, young Manami, her parents, and Grandfather are evacuated from their home and sent to Manzanar, an ugly, dreary internment camp in the desert for Japanese-American citizens.

Stout, Shawn K.  A Tiny Piece of Sky.  J FIC Stout
In 1939 Hagerstown, Maryland, eleven-year-old Frankie faces suspicion that her German-born father is a Nazi spy.

Tripp, Valerie.  Meet Molly: An American Girl.  J FIC American Girls (SERIES)
While her father is away fighting in World War II, Molly finds her life full of change as she eats terrible vegetables from the victory garden and plans revenge on her brother for ruining her Halloween. 

Wolf, Joan M.  Someone Named Eva.  J FIC Wolf
From her home in Lidice, Czechoslovakia, in 1942, eleven-year-old Milada is taken with other blond, blue-eyed children to a school in Poland to be trained as “proper Germans” for adoption by German families, but all the while she remembers her true name and history.

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