Women Spies – Wigs, Guns, and Undercover Operations

Night on fire / Diane Deverell
U.S. Foreign Service officer Casey Collins journeys to Copenhagen to locate some missing Stinger missiles, only to become caught in the middle of a turf war between rival motorcycle gangs, a battle that leads to two brutal murders and that may hide a link to the stolen weapons

Flint / Paul Eddy
Nearly killed in an undercover sting operation, talented policewoman Grace Flint undertakes a mission of personal revenge and unleashes a terrifying chain of events that will result in treachery, murder, and extortion.

Rift zone / Raelynn Hillhouse
Having searched most of her life for the elusive Communist Party hero father who left her missionary mother years earlier, contraband trafficker Faith Whitney is approached by East Germany’s secret police, who offer her her father’s life in exchange for dangerous smuggling services that would promote communist interests

Masquerade / Gayle Lynds
Confused, dazed, and unable to remember her own name, Liz Sansborough embarks on a terrifying journey in search of the truth that takes her into the perilous world of international terrorism, mind-altering drugs, and high-level post-Cold War espionage

The cutout / Francine Mathews
When videotape of the Vice President’s abduction reveals that her ex-husband may be still alive, Caroline investigates, hoping to uncover his possible involvement in a plot to infiltrate a terrorist organization by faking his own death.

The intelligencer / Leslie Silbert
Novice private investigator Kate Morgan teams up with a European financier who is investigating a centuries-old manuscript that documents the final days of an Elizabethan-era murder victim.

Murder in the CIA / Margaret Truman
When Barrie Mayer, a beautiful Washington, D.C.-based literary agent specializing in authors behind the Iron Curtain, suddenly collapses and dies in Heathrow Airport, her friend, CIA operative Colette Cahill, suspects murder

List created 3/12/15 – James Hartmann
Adapted from Herald, Diana Tixier., and Wayne A. Wiegand. Genreflecting: A Guide to Reading Interest in Genre Fiction. Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited, 2005. Print.

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