Time Travel (Teen)

Akins, Karen.  Loop.  Y FIC Akins
Error-prone Bree Bennis, sixteen, will lose her scholarship if she can’t pass Quantum Paradox 101, and things don’t look good after she inadvertently brings a twenty-first century boy back with her, then enlists his help in discovering who’s attacking time travelers in the twenty-third century.

Barron, T. A.  The Ancient One.  Y FIC Barron 
While helping her Great Aunt Melanie try to protect an Oregon redwood forest from loggers, thirteen-year-old Kate goes back five centuries through a time tunnel and faces the evil creature Gashra, who is bent on destroying the same forest.

Brashares, Ann.  The Here and Now.  Y FIC Brashares
Seventeen-year-old Prenna, an immigrant who moved to New York when she was twelve, came from another time and she and the other travelers must follow strict rules to avoid destroying the new life they have worked so hard to get, as well as the one person Prenna is desperate to protect.

Ciencin, Scott.  Dinoverse.  Y FIC Ciencin
When thirteen-year-old Bertram and three friends find themselves living in dinosaur bodies sixty-seven million years ago, they discover new ways to think about their lives.

Cooney, Caroline B.  Both Sides of Time.  Y FIC Cooney (SERIES)
The summer after her senior year, Annie, wishing she could have lived a hundred years ago in a more romantic time, finds herself in the 1890s and it is indeed romantic– and very painful. SEQUELS: Out of TimePrisoner of Time, For All Time. 

Donnelly, Jennifer.  Revolution.  Y FIC Donnelly
An angry, grieving seventeen-year-old musician facing expulsion from her prestigious Brooklyn private school travels to Paris to complete a school assignment and uncovers a diary written during the French revolution by a young actress attempting to help a tortured, imprisoned little boy–Louis Charles, the lost king of France.

Gier, Kerstin.  Ruby Red.  Y FIC Gier
Sixteen-year-old Gwyneth discovers that she, rather than her well-prepared cousin, carries a time-travel gene, and soon she is journeying with Gideon, who shares the gift, through historical London trying to discover whom they can trust. SEQUELSSapphire Blue (2012) & Emerald Green (2013).

Hamilton, Virginia.  Justice and Her Brothers.  YPB H  (SERIES)
Three children inexorably linked through their supersensory powers and experiences begin a sequence of adventures and perils.

Hautman, Pete.  The Obsidian Blade.  Y FIC Hautman (Klaatu Diskos SERIES)
After thirteen-year-old Tucker Feye’s parents disappear, he suspects that the strange disks of shimmering air that he keeps seeing are somehow involved, and when he steps inside of one he is whisked on a time-twisting journey trailed by a shadowy sect of priests and haunted by ghostlike figures. SEQUELSThe Cydonian Pyramid (2013) & The Klaatu Terminus (2014).

Heilig, Heidi.  The Girl From Everywhere.  Y FIC Heilig
Growing up on her father’s time-traveling ship, sixteen-year-old Nix struggles to preserve her life when her father pursues a map in the past that threatens her existence.

Hillyer, Lexa.  Proof of Forever.  Y FIC Hillyer
Four former friends are transported back in time to a pivotal summer in all of their lives during a camp reunion.

Hoffman, Mary. Stravaganza : city of secrets.  Y FIC Hoffman
Seventeen-year-old Matt, painfully dyslexic and insecure, discovers that he can travel between worlds after being transported to Talia, where he joins Luciano and other Stravaganti in trying to prevent the di Chimici family’s breakthrough into our world.

Jones, Gareth P.  No True Echo.  Y FIC Jones
Teenaged Eddie meets a new girl who is a Senior Echo Time Agent from the future, come to his town to investigate the origin of time travel. Soon Eddie is swept up in the investigation and in time. But time travel is a dangerous business, and Eddie will learn more than he wants to know about his long-dead mother.

L’Engle, Madeleine.   Many Waters.   Y FIC L ‘Engle/ YPB L
The fifteen-year-old Murry twins, Sandy and Dennys, are accidentally sent back to a strange Biblical time period, in which mythical beasts roam the desert and a man named Noah is building a boat in preparation for a great flood.

Levitin, Sonia.  The Cure.  Y FIC Levitin
A sixteen-year-old boy living in 2407 collides with the past when he finds himself in Strasbourg in 1348 confronting the anti-Semitism that sweeps through Europe during the Black Plague.

McEntire, Myra.  Hourglass.  Y FIC McEntire (SERIES)
Seventeen-year-old Emerson uses her power to manipulate time to help Michael, a consultant hired by her brother, to prevent a murder that happened six months ago while simultaneously navigating their undeniable attraction to one another.

Palmer, Robin.  Once Upon a Kiss.  YPB Palmer
When sixteen-year-old Zoe Brenner is transported thirty years in the future to the year 2016, she finds that she’s the most popular girl at school, she is dating the star jock, and her best friend Jonah won’t even speak to her.

Paulsen, Gary.  The Time Hackers.  Y FIC Paulsen.
When someone uses futuristic technology to play pranks on twelve-year-old Dorso Clayman, he and his best friend set off on a supposedly impossible journey through space and time trying to stop the gamesters who are endangering the universe.

Paulsen, Gary.  The Transall Saga.  Y PB P  (SUMMER READING)
While backpacking in the desert, thirteen-year-old Mark falls into a tube of blue light and is transported into a more primitive world, where he must use his knowledge and skills to survive.

Prévost, Guillaume.  The Book of Time.  Y Fic Prévost
Sam Faulkner travels back in time to medieval Ireland, ancient Egypt and Renaissance Bruges in search of his missing father.

Scarrow, Alex.  The Eternal War.  Y FIC Scarrow
A time wave has altered the entire history of the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln followed Liam into the present from 1831 and now the world is in a dangerous state of limbo. If the TimeRiders can’t return Lincoln to the past, the Civil War will never end.

Taylor, Janet.  Into the Dim.  Y FIC Taylor
Sixteen-year-old Hope Walton travels back in time to help rescue her mother, a member of the secret society of time travelers, who is trapped in twelfth-century England in the age of Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Terrill, Cristin.  All Our Yesterdays.  Y FIC Terrill
Em must travel back in time to prevent a catastrophic time machine from ever being invented, while Marina battles to prevent the murder of the boy she loves.

Wells, H. G.  The Time Machine.  YPB W
A young scientist, to the amazement and disbelief of his colleagues and other experts, has perfected a machine that lets him live one of mankind’s oldest dreams–to live in times other than his own.

Whitmore, Arvella.  Trapped Between the Lash and the Gun : A Boy’s Journey.  Y FIC Whitmore
Twelve-year-old Jordan is becoming dangerously involved with a street gang when he is suddenly transported through time to become a slave on the plantation of his ancestors.

Yolen, Jane.  The Devil’s Arithmetic.  J FIC Yolen // JPB Y
Hannah resents stories of her Jewish heritage and of the past until, when opening the door during a Passover Seder, she finds herself in Poland during World War II where she experiences the horrors of a concentration camp, and learns why she– and we need to remember the past.

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