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House of Thieves: A Novel
by Charles BelfoureHistorical Crime Fiction. With his eldest son deeply in debt to a notorious gang leader, architect John Cross attempts to save his family from financial and social ruin by joining the crime syndicate known as “Kent’s Gents” and using his insider knowledge of Manhattan’s buildings to plan and execute daring robberies. Initially motivated by necessity, Cross soon discovers he’s got a talent for theft. Depicting both the high society and the criminal underworld of 1886 New York City, this fast-paced, suspenseful story should appeal to fans of historical caper novels such as Carson Morton’s Stealing Mona Lisa.

Screwed: A Novel
by Eoin ColferCrime Caper. In this violent, funny follow-up to series debut Plugged, fatalistic bouncer/casino owner Dan McEvoy tries not to sleep with an off-her-meds semi-girlfriend, “rescues” a kidnapped buddy, and deals with some cops determined to arrest him (or, alternatively, kill him), all while delivering a package for a small-time gangster who hopes the mission gets McEvoy killed. Plenty of profanity (inventively deployed) and a diabolically twisted plot results in “lots of bloody fun” (The New York Times) for the reader, if not for poor Dan.

The White Van
by Patrick HoffmanCrime Fiction. All Emily wanted was a drink at the bar, but cozying up to the likeliest mark has landed her in a heap of trouble. Coerced into robbing a bank, she’s now being hunted by both the police and a whole host of bad guys who really want the money. Russian gangsters, Cambodian street gangs, Chinese black marketers, a corrupt cop — it seems as if all of San Francisco’s criminal underclass is after her. Fans of this gripping debut should mark their calendars — author (and former P.I.) Patrick Hoffman will be publishing his second book, Every Man a Menace, in October.

by Jo NesbøScandinavian Crime Fiction. Roger Brown is a highly successful corporate headhunter in Oslo, but not successful enough to sustain his wife’s lavish lifestyle. So, he uses the information he gleans from his clients to steal their valuable art, replacing them with fakes. When he learns of a priceless Rubens recently discovered by a client, he expects a big payoff, but things don’t go as planned. “Nothing is as it seems” in this “deliciously plotted” novel, says Booklist; heist readers will enjoy the multiple twists and turns.

Life or Death
by Michael RobothamCrime Fiction. After spending ten hellish years in a Texas prison for his part in an armed-truck robbery gone wrong, Audie Palmer escapes…the night before he’s paroled. No one knows why (or where he’s gone), but the local cops, the FBI, and Audie’s best friend in prison (he’s been offered a deal: find Audie and go free) would all like to find out. While they all believe that Audie must have plans to retrieve the never-recovered seven million dollars, he escaped for entirely different reasons. Peppered with stunning plot twists and peopled with fascinating, unforgettable characters, Life or Death is a complex, suspenseful crime novel that also includes a love story.

List created 3/14/16 – James Hartmann

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