Three Little Pigs Stories

Galdone, Paul.  The Three Little Pigs.  J 398 G
Retells the fatal episodes in the lives of two foolish pigs and how the third pig managed to avoid the same pigfalls.

Hooks, William H.  The Three Little Pigs and the Fox.  J398 H
In this Appalachian version of the classic tale, Hamlet, the youngest pig, rescues her two greedy brothers from the clutches of the “mean, tricky old drooly-mouth fox.”

Kellogg, Steven.  The Three Little Pigs.  Q J 398 K
In this retelling of a well-known tale, Serafina Sow starts her own waffle-selling business in order to enable her three offspring to prepare for the future, which includes an encounter with a surly wolf.

Ketteman, Helen.  The Three Little Gators.  [FOLK & FAIRY TALES] E Ketteman
In this adaptation of the traditional folktale, three little gators each build their house in an east Texas swamp, hoping for protection from the Big-bottomed Boar.

Marshall, James. The Three Little Pigs.  Q J 398 T
Retells the familiar tale in which one of three brother pigs survives a wolf’s attacks by using his head and planning well.

Miles, Betty. The Three Little Pigs. Reader 1 M
The familiar story of three pigs who outsmart a wolf is retold primarily using dialog.

Moser, Barry. The Three Little Pigs.  Q J 398 M
A humorous retelling of the classic story recounts the fatal episodes in the lives of two foolish pigs and how the third pig managed to avoid the same fate.

Rounds, Glen.  The Three Little Pigs  and the Big Bad Wolf.  J 398 R
Relates the adventures of three little pigs who leave home to seek their fortunes and how they deal with the big bad wolf.

Scieszka, Jon. The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs.  [FOLK & FAIRY TALES] E Scieszka
The wolf gives his own outlandish version of what really happened when he tangled with the three little pigs.

Trivizas, Eugenios. The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. J 398.2452 T
An altered retelling of the traditional tale about the conflict between pig and wolf–with a surprise ending.

Wiesner, David.  The Three Little Pigs.  J 398 W
The three pigs escape the wolf by going into another world where they meet the cat and the fiddle, the cow that jumped over the moon, and a dragon.

Zemach, Margot.  The Three Little Pigs : an old story.  J 398 Z

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