The Emperor’s New Clothes Stories

Brown, Marc Tolon.  Arthur’s Really Helpful Bedtime Stories.  Q J 398.2 B
Ten classic tales, including “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” are retold with Arthur the aardvark and his friends as the characters in the stories.

Calmenson, Stephanie. The Principal’s New Clothes.  [FOLK & FAIRY TALES] E Calmenson
In this version of the Andersen tale the vain principal of P.S. 88 is persuaded by two tailors that they will make him an amazing, one-of-a-kind, suit that will be visible only to intelligent people who are good at their jobs.

Demi.  The Emperor’s New Clothes : A Tale Set in China.  J 398 D
Two rascals sell a vain Chinese emperor an invisible suit of clothes.

Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s new clothes: an all-star retelling of the classic fairy tale. Q J FIC Hans
Andersen’s classic fairy tale retold from different points of view by twenty-three celebrities and depicted by twenty-three illustrators.

Lasky, Kathryn.  The Emperor’s Old Clothes.  [Older] E Lasky
A continuation of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” in which a simple farmer finds the emperor’s old clothes on his way home from the market and decides to put them on.

Lewis, Naomi.  The Emperor’s New Clothes.  J 398 L
Two rascally weavers convince the emperor they are making him beautiful new clothes, visible only to those fit for their posts, but when he wears them during a royal procession, a child recognizes that the emperor has nothing on.

Weil, Lisl.  The Foolish King: based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.  [FOLK & FAIRY TALES] E Weil
Mr. Humbug and Mr. Tricks, posing as tailors, sell vain King Panache a suit of clothes which they claim are invisible to anyone stupid.

Yolen, Jane. King Long Shanks.  [FAVORITES] E Yolen
Although he hates their poor poetry, a frog king agrees to let two flattering scoundrels create an outfit for him that will show off his fine, long, strong legs and test the loyalty of his subjects.

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