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 Some stories never get old – check out these novels inspired by ancient myths and legends.
The Lost Sun
by Tessa GrattonFantasy. In an alternate United States, the gods of Norse legend still wield enormous power — some of them even appear on reality TV. So when the sun god Baldur the Beautiful disappears, everyone notices, and his father Odin offers a reward to whoever finds him. Desperate to earn the reward, Soren (who’s afraid of his berserker heritage) and Astrid (a seer who just lost her mother) team up for a cross-country search that yields unexpected results. Readers who grew up with Percy Jackson will appreciate The Lost Sun’s imaginative blend of modern American culture and manipulative ancient gods.
Guardian of the Dead
by Karen HealeyFantasy. A production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream turns into a nightmare for 17-year-old Ellie when she discovers that some of the actors playing fairies in the play actually are fairies — specifically, menacing creatures known as patupaiarehe — and that they’re determined to become immortal, at the cost of countless human lives. Set in New Zealand against a backdrop of Maori mythology, this intriguing debut features thrilling twists, star-crossed romance, and a smart, tenacious heroine. If you’re looking for a fresh take on supernatural adventure, Guardian of the Dead is for you.
Dirty Wings
by Sarah McCarryUrban Fantasy. The Greek myth of Persephone, queen of the underworld, is the inspiration for this darkly beautiful tale of friendship. When sheltered piano prodigy Maia meets wild, witchy street girl Cass, their connection is both unexpected and electric. But even as they throw themselves headlong into a road trip filled with punk shows, guys, and other intoxicants, Cass can’t shake the threatening figure who haunts her dreams. If you want further sophisticated mythological fiction from Sarah McCarry, check out All Our Pretty Songs and About a Girl; if you can’t get enough of Persephone, try Bree Despain’s The Shadow Prince or Laura Ruby’sBone Gap.
by Ellen OhFantasy. Due to her yellow eyes, demon-slaying powers, and unconventional job (she’s the only female warrior in Hansong) Kira is shunned by most people in her medieval-esque society. Yet when a betrayal allows demonic Yamato soldiers to invade, Kira may be the only one who can get the young prince to safety and lead the quest to take back their kingdom. Grounded in Korean folklore and overflowing with fierce, fast-paced fight scenes, Prophecy is a breathless ride, so be careful: once you read it, you’ll want to haveWarrior (the 2nd book in the Dragon King Chronicles) ready to go.
The Chaos of Stars
by Kiersten WhiteFantasy. Sixteen-year-old Isadora’s relationship with her parents is more strained than most, which is understandable, given that she’s the human child of Egyptian gods Isis and Osiris. Still, at least they let their daughter leave their desert stronghold for modern day California, where Isadora works on a museum exhibit, hones her interior design skills, resists the charms of Greek poet Ry, and is targeted by dangerous mystical forces. Romantic and angsty but not too heavy, The Chaos of Stars “brings an irreverent sense of humor to Egyptian myth” (Publishers Weekly).

List created 11/3/15 – James Hartmann

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