Superheroes (Grades 1-3) (NEW)

Bright, J.E.  The Man of Steel: Cyborg Superman.  JPB S
When an unusual solar flare damages his space shuttle and causes astronaut Hank Henshaw and his crew–including his wife–to mutate, he blames Superman and as his surviving consciousness learns to fuse with technology he vows revenge.

Dahl, Michael.  Guardians of Earth.  J FIC DC Superheroes
During a routine test flight above the deserts of the Southwest, ace pilot HAL JORDAN has a too-close-for-comfort encounter with a UFO. His jet takes a nosedive, but before HAL bites the dust, a gigantic green hand appears, grabs the aircraft, and prevents the crash. The mysterious UFO reveals HAL’S alien rescuer who possesses an amazing green ring of untold power. What does HAL do when the alien offers him the ring, and announces that the human pilot is now the new GUARDIAN OF EARTH?

Dillard, Sarah.  Extraordinary Warren Saves the Day.  [J GRAPHIC NOVEL] J FIC Dillard
When Egg disappears while learning to fly, Warren sets out to find his new friend.

Doodler, Todd H.  Super Fly! The World’s Smallest Superhero.  J FIC Doodler
When fourth-grader Eugene, a small and nerdy, mild-mannered housefly, becomes the world’s smallest superhero, he takes on Crazy Cockroach and his army of insect baddies.

Hale, Shannon.  The Princess in Black.  J FIC Hale
Hiding her secret identity as a monster-fighting superhero, Princess Magnolia interrupts her fancy tea with the unsuspecting Duchess Wigtower to stop a big blue monster from endangering her kingdom’s goats.

Harper, Charise.  Wedgieman: A Hero is Born.  Reader 2 H
Veggieboy practices flying, lifting, and helping people to hone his superhero skills, and finally Veggieman’s training as a superhero is complete, but he is surprised when children want to change his name.

Hero Story Collection.  Reader 2 D
Five early reader stories about DC Comics’ Superheroes and their crime prevention strategies.

Jules, Jacqueline.  Freddie Ramos Takes Off J FIC Jules  (Zapato Power SERIES)
Freddie finds a mysterious package outside his apartment containing sneakers that allow him to run faster than a train, and inspire him to perform heroic deeds.  SEQUELS: Freddie Ramos Springs Into Action (2010), Freddie Ramos Zooms to the Rescue (2011), Freddie Ramos Makes a Splash (2012) & Freddie Ramos Stomps the Show (2014).

Kirby, Stan.  Captain Awesome to the Rescue!  J FIC Kirby
When second-grader Eugene and his family move to a new neighborhood and he starts at a new school, he has a chance to bring out his superhero alter ego, Captain Awesome, to find the kidnapped class hamster.

Macri, Thomas.  The Story of Iron Man.  Reader 2 I
Learn how Tony Stark became the super hero known as Iron Man.

Marko, Cyndi.  Let’s Get Cracking.  [J GRAPHIC NOVEL] J FIC Marko.  (Kung Pow Chicken SERIES)
Gordon Blue and his brother Benny, unlikely superheroes, must save Fowladelphia from Granny Goosebumps, who has filled the city with cookies that cause innocent chickens’ feathers to fall off.

Sonneborne, Scott.  Shell Shocker.  J FIC DC Super Heroes
Barry Allen has his hands full. While deactivating an explosive for the bomb squad, the police scientist receives a call, tipping him off about a robbery across town. Luckily, Barry is secretly the Flash. In an instant, he zooms out the door, stops the crime, and returns before one second on the time bomb has ticked away. After receiving several more tips, he suspects a link between the crimes, but even he’ll be shocked when the villain is finally revealed.

Terrell, Brandon.  Batman: Summer Freeze!  J FIC Batman
In the middle of summer, Mr. Freeze blankets Gotham City in a blizzard, and the reader must choose how Batman will thwart him and bring summer back to the city.

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