Sports Fiction (Grades 2-4)

Adler, David A.  Cam Jansen and the Sports Day Mysteries : A Super Special.  J FIC Adler
Supersleuth Cam Jansen solves three mysteries during her class’s Sports and Good Nutrition Day

Barber, Tiki.  Wild Card.  J FIC Barber
Through the course of a difficult season, Ronde learns that his coach is right about football being a mental game, as he tries to fill in as kicker while he and his identical twin, Tiki, help Adam improve his grades.

Briggs-Pattison, Sue.  Home Team.  J FIC Briggs-Pattison
Emma has grown to hate netball because she thinks the coach and other girls dislike her, but everything changes when she switches to a new school and team.

Bowen, Fred. Soccer Team Upset. J PB B
Tyler’s hope that his soccer team will be undefeated is dashed when his friend Zack, the team’s star midfielder, and two more of the Cougars’ best players accept an offer to play for an elite travel team.

Christopher, Matt. The Hit-Away Kid. J FIC Christopher
Barry McGee, hit-away batter for the Peach Street Mudders, enjoys winning so much that he has a tendency to bend the rules–until the dirty tactics of the pitcher on a rival team give him a new perspective on sports ethics.

Christopher, Matt.  Zero’s Slider.  J FIC Christopher
While trying to ask Uncle Pete to coach for the Peach Street Mudders, Zero discovers that he can throw a slider when there’s a big bandage on his injured thumb.

Cooper, Floyd.  Willie and the All-Stars.  [OLDER]
In 1934 Chicago, Willie sees a game between the Negro League All-Star team and the Major League All-Stars, and realizes that his dream of becoming a professional baseball player could come true.

Coy, John.  Eyes on the Goal.  J FIC Coy
Middle-schooler Jackson’s baseball skills are not of much help when he and his friends go to soccer camp, and while there he learns that his mother’s boyfriend has invited them to move into his house, and friend Diego’s father is deployed to Afghanistan.

Freeman, Martha.  Who Stole Uncle Sam?  J FIC Freeman
When a local businessman and baseball coach disappears just before he is to portray Uncle Sam at the start of a Memorial Day race, ten-year-old Alex and his best friend Yasmeen investigate, despite their pact to stay away from mysteries.

Hallem, J.  Horsing Around.  J FIC Hallem
In the upcoming horse show, Martin wants to ride Hamish’s spirited Thunderbolt in show jumping and Hamish wants to ride Martin’s gentle farm horse, Roly, in dressage, but their parents expect them to be on their own horses. Includes glossaries, equipment, basic rules, and training tips for competition.

Hicks, Betty.  Track Attack.  J FIC Hicks.  (Gym Shorts SERIES)
Jazz is a born runner who loves being on the school’s track team. Her biggest fan is her dad–and that is a problem. He gets over-involved in her training, talks too much to the coach, yells at the track ref, and cheers way too loudly during the meets. How can Jazz tell him to stay away from the track without hurting his feelings

Hiser, Constance.  Dog on Third Base.  J FIC Hiser
James and the gang are busy with spring baseball practice until James’s dog, Tag, whom they use for third base, disappears.

Hurwitz, Johanna.   Baseball Fever.  JPB H
Ten-year-old Ezra tries to convince his scholarly father that his baseball fever is not wasting his mind.

Kelly, David A.  The Fenway Foul-Up.  J FIC Kelly/ JPB K (Ballpark Mysteries SERIES)
Cousins Mike and Kate are at Boston’s Fenway Park when the Red Sox’s star hitter discovers that his lucky baseball bat has been stolen. (SERIES)

Knudson, Mike.  Raymond & Graham: Bases Loaded.  J FIC Knudson
Fourth grade best friends Ray and Graham try to avoid the class bully, have fun with a substitute teacher, and get the attention of the girls they like while concentrating on winning the Little League Championships.

Maddox, Jake.  Backup Goalie.  J FIC Maddox
Jamie, the captain and star forward of the Comets hockey team, thinks everything is perfect. His two best friends, Jill and Brett, are amazing players too. The team is bound for the state championship. But when Jill is told she can’t play on the boys’ team anymore, and Brettt is hurt during a match, everything starts to fall apart. To make matters even worse, Jamie is pulled from his position to fill Brett’s place at goal. Can Jamie make the adjustment and help his team skate to victory – or are they all on thin ice? SEE OTHER GREAT SPORT TITLES FROM THIS AUTHOR

Maddox, Jake.   Cheer Challenge. J FIC Maddox
Amanda has always dreamed of being captain of a cheerleading squad, and this year, she is! But she soon realizes that being captain is harder than she thought. Not only does she have to lead the squad, she has to inspire them, and that’s hard work. Still, Amanda knows she can handle it– until her best friend, Rachel, tries to abuse their friendship to get out of a mandatory practice. Can Amanda figure out what to do in time to make it to the biggest cheerleading competition of her life?

Markey, Kevin.  Slumpbuster.  J FIC Markey (Super Sluggers SERIES)
Eleven-year-old slugger Banjo “The Great Walloper” Bishbash is overcome by a nasty hitting slump as he tries to lead the Rambletown Rounders to the division baseball championship.

Montgomery, Lewis B.  The Case of the Stinky Socks.  J FIC Montgomery
Detectives-in-training Milo and Jazz join forces to tackle their first big case–finding out who stole the lucky socks from the high school baseball team’s star

Peters, Alison.  Tomorrow’s Olympian. J FIC Peters
To have any hope of reaching her goal of competing in the Olympics, Kelly must not only learn to do a back handspring on the beam, she must also conquer her fear.

Power, Tim.  Tennis Balls and Rotten Shrimp. J FIC Power
When Jemma and Tracey start helping one another rather than continually playing tricks, their efforts pay off on the tennis court.

Russo, Marisabina.  House of Sports.  J FIC Russo
Through a series of triumphs and tragedies at home, at school, and on the basketball court, plus time reluctantly spent with his elderly grandmother, twelve-year-old Jim Malone learns that there is a lot more to life than basketball.

Victory School Superstars.  Nobody Wants to Play With a Ball Hog.  J FIC Victory (SERIES)
Tyler couldn’t believe it when he discovered his super ability while playing basketball with his dad. He’s a perfect shot! Since he can’t miss, he quits passing to his teammates. Soon the other teams figure out how to stop him, and his teammates get mad.

Wallace, Rich.  The Ball Hogs (Kickers SERIES) J FIC Wallace
Nine-year-old Ben, a natural athlete and member of the Bobcats co-ed soccer team, wants to overcome his inexperience and prove himself on the field, but his obnoxious teammate, Mark, keeps hogging the ball.

Weeks, Jan.  Let Toby Lane Play Goalie. J FIC Weeks
Toby wants to be a better soccer player, and hopes the former professional goalie living in his neighborhood will give him some help.


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