Siblings (NEW)

Books about this topic can be found in the [GROWING UP] (LIGHT BLUE label) section of the picture book area unless another location is specified.

Berger, Samantha.  Martha Doesn’t Share. 

Blume, Judy.  The Pain and the Great One.

Cordell, Ryan & Evie.  Two Girls Want a Puppy.  [NATURE]

Gore, Leonid.  And Nick.

Lam, Maple.  My Little Sister and Me.

Light, Kelly.  Louise Loves Art.  [CULTURAL ARTS]

McQuinn, Anna.  Lola Reads to Leo.

Metcalf, Paula.  A Guide to Sisters.

Nichols, Lori.  Maple & Willow Together. 

Orloff, Karen Kaufman.  I Wanna New Room.

Rosenthal, Amy Krouse.  Little Miss, Big Sis.

Schaefer, Lola M.  One Busy Day.

Valentine, Madeline.  The Bad Birthday Idea.

Zuppardi, Sam.  The Nowhere Box.

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