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Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta.  The Min-O-Saur.

Bellmore, Vickie J.  Paul the Pack Rat: Helping Children Learn to Share.  JPB B

Berger, Samantha.  Martha Doesn’t Share.

Burks, James.  Two Pigs and a Blanket.

Crum, Shutta.  Mine!

De Seve, Randall.  Peanut and Fifi Have a Ball.

Dickson, Irene.  Blocks.

Garland, Sally Anne.  Share.

Gibbs, Lynne.  Time to Share: A Story of Sharing.

Hale, Bruce.  Clark the Shark Dares to Share.

Kats, Karen.  I Can Share.

Lester, Helen.  All For Me and None For All.

Lionni, Leo.  Frederick.  [FAVORITES]

Lobel, Gillian.  For Everyone to Share.  [NATURE]

Mayer, Mercer.  The Best Show and Share.  [FAVORITES] 

Oram, Hiawyn.  My Friend Fred.  [NATURE]

Owens, Terell.  Little T Learns to Share.  [SPORTS]

Packard, Mary.  Little Racoon Learns to Share.

Rayner, Catherine.  The Bear Who Shared.

Reiss, Mike.  The Boy Who Wouldn’t Share.

Rosen, Michael.  This is Our House.

Savadier, Elivia.  Will Shelia Share?

Senning, Cindy Post.  Emily’s Sharing and Caring Book.

Willems, Mo.  The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog.  [FAVORITES]

Willems, Mo.  Should I Share My Ice Cream?  Reader 1 W

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