Romance – Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells
Rushed to the Altar
by Jane Feather

Georgian Romance. If he wants to see a penny of his inheritance, Jasper Sullivan, Earl of Blackwater, must reform a fallen woman through marriage. So informed, he heads to Covent Garden to find himself a prostitute, where he encounters Clarissa Astley — while she’s picking his pocket. But Clarissa is no more a lightskirt than she is a street thief: she’s a gently bred virgin who’s fallen on hard times since the deaths of her parents. Jasper outlines his proposal and Clarissa accepts without disclosing her true situation: by sacrificing her virtue to Jasper and accepting his money, she can ensure that she and her younger brother are safe from their wicked guardian. However, what begins as a marriage of convenience turns into an unlikely love match, making Clarissa’s secret a danger to their relationship.

The Bridegroom
by Linda Lael Miller

Western Romance. When they were children growing up in a frontier town, Gideon Yarbro told Lydia Fairmont that if she ever needed him, she need only send word and he’d come for her. Well, Lydia needs him now — on the eve of her wedding to a heartless man. Gideon, true to his word, arrives just in time to rescue the bride-to-be. But Lydia will lose everything unless she marries, prompting Gideon to step in as her groom. From there, the newlyweds travel to Stone Creek, Arizona, where Gideon, an undercover law enforcement official, must infiltrate a criminal organization while protecting his new bride from her vengeful former fiancé and keeping them both safe from Gideon’s enemies. This 4th Stone Creek novel boasts an atmospheric Old West setting, an action-packed plot, and a moving love story.

A Distant Magic
by Mary Jo Putney

Fantasy Romance. En route to a wedding, Jean Macrae, a Scottish woman with a modest talent for magic, is kidnapped by Nikolai Grigorio, a Maltese pirate who harbors a long-simmering grudge against her father. But as Jean and Nikolai spend time together, a simmering attraction ignites — especially once they discover that their magical powers, when combined, are extraordinary. As partners, Jean and Nikolai embark on a dangerous mission to fight slavery around the world. Fans of Mary Jo Putney’s Guardians series will be happy to find that this 3rd stand-alone installment contains a great deal of history in addition to romance.

A Highland Werewolf Wedding
by Terry Spear

Paranormal Romance. Elaine Hawthorn is an American Werewolf in Scotland. While driving through the Highlands, she runs into (literally, with her car) lycanthropic laird Cearnach MacNeill, who’s on his way to a friend’s wedding. Their attraction is both instantaneous and mutual, inspiring Cearnach to invite Elaine as his date. However, because Elaine is related to the rival McKinley clan, showing up with Cearnach to a Highland wedding is enough to reignite a feud that’s been smoldering since 1785. As steamy as it is action-packed, A Highland Werewolf Wedding is the 11th installment of author Terry Spear’s popular Werewolf series.

Dictatorship of the Dress
by Jessica Topper

Contemporary Romance. Laney Hudson has one job: transport her mother’s elaborate, expensive wedding dress to Hawaii. Easier said than done, thanks to the sorry state of air travel in the United States. While the voluminous gown gets her an upgrade to first class, it also gets her stuck with a supercilious seatmate, software designer Noah Ridgewood. Worse, the flight crew assumes they’re newlyweds and when the plane is unexpectedly grounded, ensures that they’re lodged in a nearby hotel’s honeymoon suite. Stranded in a strange city, Laney and Noah are forced to get to know each other much, much better. Dictatorship of the Dress kicks off the Much ‘I Do’ About Nothing series.

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