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The Ideal Man
by Julie Garwood

Romantic Suspense. When St. Louis trauma surgeon Dr. Ellie Sullivan witnesses the near-fatal shooting of an FBI agent by the Landrys, a pair of dangerous fugitives on the run, she receives a government-issued bodyguard: Special Agent Max Daniels. Although their attraction is immediate and intense, there are roadblocks in their relationship: the Landrys have put a hit out on Ellie; her stalker has just been released from prison; and her spoiled sister is marrying Ellie’s ex-fiance. Drama, passion, and a healthy dose of humor propel this page-turner to its pulse-pounding conclusion.

Trust No One
by Jayne Ann Krentz

Romantic Suspense. Even positive thinking can’t help Grace Elland when her boss, Seattle-based motivational speaker Sprague Witherspoon, gets murdered. But however traumatized she might be by the event, Grace still needs gainful employment. Between polishing her admittedly spotty resume and scouring Washington State for affordable housing, she reluctantly agrees to a blind date with Marine turned venture capitalist Julius Arkwright, who may not be a pro when it comes to wining and dining women, but who proves to be an expert at protecting Grace from trouble when it arrives. Featuring a resilient heroine with a troubled past, an upstanding but socially awkward hero, and a killer who brings the unlikely couple together, this stand-alone novel by popular author Jayne Ann Krentz should please fans of classic romantic suspense.

by Karen Robards

Romantic Suspense. When Riley Cowan finds her investment banker ex-husband’s body hanging in the opulent Houston mansion they once shared, she’s certain that the cause of death was not suicide, as the police claim. Despite the official verdict, Riley believes that her ex was murdered — possibly by a former client. Riley’s best chance at uncovering the truth lies with Finn Bradley, the former CIA operative turned government “asset recovery specialist.” Finn agrees to assist Riley, but only because he believes she knows more than she’s telling. As danger closes in around them, Riley and Finn must learn to trust each other if they want to survive.

The Liar
by Nora Roberts
Romantic Suspense. Can a woman love a man who never existed? Shelby Anne Pomeroy married “Richard Foxworth” only to discover after his death that her husband had been living under an alias — one that allowed him to lie, cheat, and steal with abandon. Devastated, Shelby takes her three-year-old daughter and returns to her Tennessee hometown. Initially, it seems as if Shelby’s life is on the upswing: she’s reunited with her family, reconnecting with old friends, and even taking tentative steps towards romance with contractor Griff Lott. Then Shelby learns that her husband made some dangerous enemies, who may have had a hand in his death and who may be coming after her next.

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