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The Dream Thief
by Shana Abé

Fantasy Romance. Sacred to the drákon race, Draumr, the “dreaming diamond” lies hidden deep within the Carpathian Mountains. Lady Amalia “Lia” Langford, the only one who can hear its song, knows that she must retrieve it. Also seeking the gem is jewel thief Zane, a human raised among the drákon and charged by his adoptive family with retrieving Draumr. With their common goal, shared background, and mutual attraction, Lia and Zane should be natural allies. But Lia is clairvoyant and her visions suggest that Zane could prove to be an enemy. Set in an alternate 18th-century England where shape-shifting dragons conceal their existence from humans, The Dream Thief is the 1st book in the Drakon series, after The Smoke Thief.

When the Rogue Returns
by Sabrina Jeffries

Historical Romance. Ten years after scheming relatives and a set of stolen jewels drove the newlyweds apart, Victor and Isabella Cale are unexpectedly reunited in Edinburgh. Victor, a private inquiry agent employed to investigate a wealthy baron’s beautiful fiancée, never imagined that his client’s betrothed would turn out to be Victor’s own erstwhile bride! Isabella, posing as a widow, is infuriated by the sudden appearance of the man who deserted her and broke her heart — especially since his goal is to prevent her from rebuilding her life and his methods entail reminding her of the passionate love they once shared. When the Rogue Returns is the 2nd book in the steamy Duke’s Men series, which begins with What the Duke Desires.

The Year of Living Scandalously
by Julia London

Regency Historical. Years ago, the famed Ashwood jewels went missing and an innocent man was hanged for the crime. Declan O’Connor, Lord Donnelly, is working to recover the jewels and unmask the true culprit. This will require the cooperation of the current Countess of Ashwood. Alas, she’s an impostor: Keira Hannigan has temporarily assumed the identity of her cousin Lily, who’s living abroad. A strong family resemblance means that nobody notices the switch — except Declan, who has known Keira since childhood. Declan agrees to keep her secret, but on one condition: she must aid him in his search. Mystery, murder, and misunderstandings add suspense to the romance in this opening installment of the Secrets of Hadley Green series.

The Bride’s Necklace
by Kat Martin

Historical Fiction. To protect her sister from their predatory stepfather, Victoria Temple Whiting steals a family heirloom known as “the Bride’s Necklace” to pay for their passage to London, where they can hide from their guardian. Posing as “Tory Temple,” Victoria enters the service of libertine Cordell “Cord” Easton, the Earl of Brant. Intrigued by his newest housemaid, Cord wants to make Tory his mistress. However, his proposition turns into a proposal when her stepfather shows up to claim the sisters and Cord intervenes to ensure their safety. Now facing a marriage of convenience instead of a sexual liaison, Cord and Tory must discover if their chemistry is enough to sustain a long-term union.

Remember When
by Nora Roberts

Romantic Suspense. Laine Tavish is the proprietor of Remember When, a charming antiques store in Angel Gap, Maryland. But Laine Tavish only exists on paper: it’s the alias of Elaine O’Hara, daughter of infamous con artist Big Jack O’Hara, and she’s gone to great lengths to distance herself from the family business. That changes when sexy private investigator Max Gannon shows up, seeking a cache of stolen diamonds. Fast forward to 2059 and NYPD Lieutenant Eve Dallas is still searching for the stones, assisted by rogue-turned-life partner Roarke. Nora Roberts, writing both as herself and as J.D. Robb, combines her signature blend of small-town contemporary romance with the futuristic thrills of the In Death series.

Hard as Ice: The Fortis Series
by Raven Scott

Multicultural Romantic Suspense. Ex-CIA operative Evan “Ice” DaCosta is an asset and recovery specialist at Fortis, an elite security firm staffed by former government agents. Hired by a prestigious Boston auction house to investigate a multi-million-dollar jewel heist, Evan goes undercover and concludes that the theft may be an inside job. His prime suspect? Nia James, the auction house’s beautiful, intelligent, and ambitious managing director who (unbeknownst to her employers) has some secrets in her past. As Evan pursues the gems, he begins to take more than a professional interest in Nia, despite the possibility that she may be a criminal. Hard as Ice is the 1st book in the Fortis series, followed by Hard and Fast.

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