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Rule: A Marked Men Novel
by Jay Crownover

New Adult Romance. Shaw is a high-achieving pre-med student too focused on her future career to worry about relationships. Rule is a hard-partying, tattooed rebel who bounces from one hookup to the next. There’s no reason they should ever be together, and every reason why they shouldn’t. However, reason has nothing to do with their undeniable mutual attraction. Rule kicks off the Marked Men novels. Desperately seeking more brooding loner heroes, preferably with lots of ink? Check out Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive novels or A.L. Jackson’s Closer to You series.

Drawn Together
by Lauren Dane

Erotic Romance. When attorney Jonah Warner approaches tattoo artist Raven Smith about inking a wolf across his back, she can’t resist the opportunity to see such a sexy guy with his shirt off. Jonah, for his part, is intrigued by Raven’s tough-girl attitude and commitment to her craft. A super-hot fling is practically a necessity, but both fight the desire to let their relationship become anything more than physical release. Raven’s rough upbringing has made her prickly and defensive, while Jonah’s disastrous marriage has left him gun-shy when it comes to matters of the heart. Can these well-matched lovers work out their issues and find happiness together? While Drawn Together is book 6 in the Brown Family novels, it stands on its own. Readers interested in reading the whole series will want to start with Laid Bare.

Hard As It Gets
by Laura Kaye

Erotic Romance. After Becca Merritt’s brother Charlie goes missing, she turns to Nick Rixey, a former soldier who served under her deceased father. Nick, now a part-time employee of his brother’s tattoo parlor, Hard Ink, still blames Colonel Merritt for the disastrous situation that got most of their unit killed and Nick dishonorably discharged. Although he wants nothing to do with the Merritt family, there’s something about Becca that he just can’t resist. As Nick and Becca search for Charlie, they make a discovery that could clear the reputations of Nick and his surviving comrades. This steamy series opener, which combines sizzling sensual encounters with an emotionally charged story, may interest fans of Lauren Dane’s Drawn Together, also set in a tattoo parlor.

Sins & Needles
by Karina Halle

Romantic Suspense. Ellie Watt is a grifter trying valiantly to reform. That’s why she has retreated to her uncle’s farm in bucolic Palm Valley, California, where temptation is hard to come by. Or so she thinks until she meets master tattoo artist Camden McQueen, who’s both seriously sexy and an easy mark if ever there was one. As her involvement with Cameron tests Ellie’s resolve to stay on the straight and narrow, her past catches up with her, placing them both in danger. Gritty and explicit, Sins & Needles is the 1st novel in the high-drama Artists trilogy. Readers who hate cliffhangers should be aware that Ellie and Cameron’s complicated relationship unfolds over course of the entire series, which continues with Shooting Scars and Bold Tricks.

Afterlight: The Dark Ink Chronicles
by Elle Jasper

Paranormal Romance. Riley Poe, a tattoo artist in Savannah, Georgia, is an adoptive member of the family that serves as a living blood bank for the Dupré family vampires, who provide protection from the city’s villainous strigoi in exchange for fresh plasma. When Riley’s brother Seth is kidnapped by the strigoi, she seeks out vampire EliDupré, who’s as intrigued by her rare blood type as he is by Riley herself. Although paranormal romance fans should enjoy this steamy vampire-themed love story, Afterlight — the 1st book in the Dark Ink Chronicles — skews heavily towards urban fantasy and may also appeal to fans of Kristen Painter’s Crescent City novels.

The Tattooed Duke
by Maya Rodale

Regency Historical. As one of the London Weekly’s notorious “Writing Girls,” investigative reporter Eliza Fielding will go to any lengths for a story. Her latest assignment? Posing as a maid in the household of Sebastian Digby, the tattooed Duke of Wycliff, whose adventurous lifestyle has long shocked and titillated polite society. As Eliza sets to work chronicling Wyclif’s scandalous exploits, she discovers that he’s a far better man than he pretends to be. Soon, she’s having reservations about exposing his secrets — and his exotic body art — to the world. Love and success: can a Regency-era female journalist have it all? Find out in this 3rd installment of the Writing Girls series, after A Groom of One’s Own and A Tale of Two Lovers.

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