Role Reversal

Baguley, Elizabeth.   Meggie Moon.  [GROWING UP] E Baguley
Normally, no one dares to play in the yard where Digger and Tiger spend all their time, but when a girl invades, they soon realize that she has some brilliant ideas for playing with the junk found there.

Banks, Kate.  Mama’s Coming Home.  [GROWING UP] E Banks
Papa prepares dinner and the boys set the table as they, the dog, and the cat eagerly await Mama’s return home after work.

Corey, Shana.   Players in Pigtails.  [SPORTS] E Corey
Katie Casey, a fictional character, helps start the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, which gave women the opportunity to play professional baseball while America was involved in World War II.

Eckler, Rebecca.  The Mischievous Mom at the Art Gallery.  [OLDER] E Eckler
A thoroughly modern mother makes a point of including her two children in her always-hectic life, taking her children to a swanky art gallery party and surprising them with a world of adventure — especially since they thought that standing around looking at art on a wall would be B-O-R-I-N-G.

Fierstein, Harvey.  The Sissy Duckling.  [GROWING UP] E Fierstein
Elmer the duck is teased because he is different, but he proves himself by not only surviving the winter, but also saving his Papa.

Geeslin, Campbell.  Elena’s Serenade.  [CULTURAL ARTS] E Geeslin
In Mexico, a little girl goes on a journey to learn to be a glassblower and gains confidence along the way.

Homan, Lynn M.  Girls Fly!  [OLDER] E Homan
When Charlene’s brothers tell her that she cannot be a pilot because she is a girl, she gives them a lesson in the rich history of women in flight.

Johnson, Angela.  Just like Josh Gibson.  [SPORTS] E Johnson
A young girl’s grandmother tells her of her love for baseball and the day they let her play in the game even though she was a girl.

McElroy, Lisa Tucker.  Love, Lizzie : letters to a Military Mom.  [PTS] E McElroy
Nine-year-old Lizzie writes to her mother, who is deployed overseas during wartime, and includes maps that show her mother what Lizzie has been thinking and doing. Includes nonfiction tips for helping children of military families.

Ross, Eileen.  Nellie and the Bandit.  [STORIES] E Ross
When Desperado Dan breaks out of jail, Nellie, a girl, sets out to find her Pa, the sheriff, but finds the outlaw first.

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