Cline-Ransome, Lesa.  Quilt Alphabet.  [CONCEPTS]

Coerr, Eleanor.  The Josefina Story Quilt.  Reader 2 C

Falwell, Cathryn.  The Nesting Quilt.  [GROWING UP]

Franco, Betsy.  Grandpa’s Quilt.  Reader 1 F

Johnston, Tony.  The Quilt Story.  [FAVORITES]

Lowell, Susan.  Elephant Quilt.  [OLDER]

Paschkis, Julie.  Mooshka: A Quilt Story.  [STORIES]

Ringgold, Faith.  Cassie’s Word Quilt.  [FAVORITES]

Stroud, Bettye.  The Patchwork Path: A Quilt Map to Freedom.  [OLDER]

Wallace, Nancy.  The Kindness Quilt.  [GROWING UP]

Woodson, Jacqueline.  Show Way.  [OLDER]

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