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Brown, Calef.  Pirateria: The Wonderful Plunderful Pirate Emporium.  [RHYMES & SONGS]

Chapman, Jared.  Pirate, Viking, & Scientist.  [STORIES]

Coats, Lucy.  Captain Beastlie’s Pirate Party. 

Feiffer, Jules.  Meanwhile-.

Funke, Cornelia Caroline.  A Princess, A Pirate and One Wild Brother

Grossman-Hensel, Katharina.  Papa is a Pirate.

Hawkins, Colin.  Pirate Treasure Map: A Fairytale Adventure.  [FOLK & FAIRY TALES]

Jones, Gareth.  Are You the Pirate Captain?  [RHYMES & SONGS]

Kroll, Steven.  The Pigrates Clean Up.  [RHYMES & SONGS]

Krupinski, Loretta.  Pirate Treasure.

Lasky, Kathryn.  Pirate Bob.

Leuck, Laura.  I Love My Pirate Papa.

Long, Melinda.  How I Became A Pirate.

Long, Melinda.  Pirates Don’t Change Diapers.

Peck, Jan.  Pirate Treasure Hunt.

Sattler, Jennifer Gordon.  Pig Kahuna Pirates!  [GROWING UP]

Sobel, June.  Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC.  [CONCEPTS]

Storms, Patricia.  The Pirate and the Penguin.

Underwood, Deborah.  Pirate Mom.  Reader 3 U

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