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Allenby, Victoria.  Nat the Cat Can Sleep Like That.  [RHYMES & SONGS] (Cat)

Beaumont, Karen.  Crybaby.  [GROWING UP]  (Dog)

Brenning, Juli.  Maggie and Milo. (Dog)

Capucilli. Alyssa.  Tulip Loves Rex.  [CULTURAL ARTS] (Dog)

Chichester Clark, Emma.  Love is My Favorite Thing. (Dog)

Clements, Andrew.  Dogku.  (Dog)

Cooper, Melrose.  Pets!  (Various)

Cordell, Ryan & Evie.  Two Girls Want a Puppy. (Dog)

Hernandez, Leeza.  Cat Napped. (Cat)

Hites, Kati.  Disobedience School. (Dog)

Jones, Val.  Who Wants Broccoli?

Kane, Sharon Smith.  Kitty & Me. (Cat)

LaRochelle, David.  The Best Pet of All. (Dog)

Lombardi, Kristine A.  The Grumpy Pets.

McKenna, Martin.  The Octopuppy.  [STORIES]  (Octopus)

Orloff, Karen.  I Wanna Iguana.  (Iguana)

Paul, Ruth.  Bad Dog Flash. (Dog)

Ray, Mary Lyn.  Boom!  (Dog)

Sanderson, Ruth.  A Castle Full of Cats.  [RHYMES & SONGS] (Cats)

Stower, Adam.  Naughty Kitty.  [STORIES] (Cat)

Trimmer, Christian.  Simon’s New Bed.  (Dog & Cat)

Woodruff, Liza.  Emerson Barks.  (Dog)


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