Basher, Simone.  Opposites.  [BOARD]

Bridwell, Norman.  Clifford Visits the Zoo.  [FAVORITES]

Cole, Henry.  Big Bug.  [CONCEPTS]

Ghione, Yvette.  Hockey Opposites.  [SPORTS]

Hill, Eric.  Spot Looks at Opposites.  [BOARD]

Hoban, Tana.  Exactly the Opposite.  [CONCEPTS]

Meister, Cari.  Catch That Cat!  Reader P M

Schroeder, Pamela.  Opposites.  J 428.1 S

Ziefert, Harriet.  Where is the Rocket?  [CONCEPTS]

Ziefert, Harriet.  You and Me: We’re Opposites.  [CONCEPTS]

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