Berenstain, Stan & Jan. The Berenstain Bears By the Sea. Reader 2 B
The Bear family goes to the beach, but before they can swim in the ocean there’s a lot of work to be done.

Brown, Margaret Wise.  Sneakers, the Seaside Cat.  [FAVORITES] E Brown
A little cat named Sneakers experiences the sights, sounds, and smells of an ocean beach.

Calhoun,Mary.  Henry the Sailor Cat.  [STORIES] E Calhoun
A stowaway cat proves his worth as a sailor during a sudden storm.

Carle, Eric.  Mister Seahorse.  [FAVORITES] E Carle
After Mrs. Seahorse lays her eggs on Mr. Seahorse’s belly, he drifts through the water, greeting other fish fathers who are taking care of their eggs.

Carrick, Carol.  Dark and Full of Secrets.  [NATURE] E Carrick
Christopher drifts too far away from shore while snorkeling in the pond, then panics when he can’t touch bottom. His dog comes to his rescue.

Dahl, Michael.  One Giant Splash : A Counting Book About the Ocean.  [CONCEPTS] E Dahl
Uses marine animals, such as twelve jellyfish and two seals, to count down from twelve to one.

Lionni,  Leo.  Swimmy.  [FAVORITES] E Lionni
Swimmy, the only black fish of the entire school, devises for himself and his adopted brothers and sisters a safer way to live in the sea.

Mitton, Tony.  Down by the Cool of the Pool.   [RHYMES & SONGS] E Mitton
Frog and the other animals have a dancing good time both in and out of the water in the cool of the pool.

Peet, Bill.  Cyrus the Unsinkable Sea Serpent.  [FAVORITES] E Peet
Cyrus, a shy and friendly serpent, finally realizes his ambition by heroically helping some voyagers through a storm and foiling some dastardly pirates.

Tafuri, Nancy.  Have You Seen My Duckling?   [NATURE] E Tafuri
A mother duck leads her brood around the pond as she searches for one missing duckling.

Waddell, Martin.  Sailor Bear.  [STORIES] E Waddell.
Lost and lonely, a little bear embarks on a rather perilous sailing venture, but winds up with his heart’s desires realized.

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