Mythological (Grades 4-6) (NEW)

Abbott, Tony.  The Battle Begins.  J FIC Abbott  (Underworlds SERIES)
Average fourth grader Owen Brown’s normal life is turned upside down after he watches his best friend Dana disappear right through the floor. Determined to rescue her, Owen and his friends Jon and Sydney find themselves in a mysterious, mythological world.  SEQUELS: When Monsters Escape (2012), Revenge of the Scorpion King (2012) & The Ice Dragon (2012).  

Anders, Lou.  Frostborn.  J FIC Anders
Destined to take over his family farm in Norrøngard, Karn would rather play the board game, Thrones and Bones, until half-human, half frost giantess Thianna appears and they set out on an adventure, chased by a dragon, undead warriors, an evil uncle, and more.

Armstrong, Kelley.  Loki’s Wolves.  J FIC Armstrong  (Blackwell Pages)
Matt Thorsen is a direct descendent of the order-keeping god Thor, and his classmates Fen and Laurie Brekke are descendents of the trickster god Loki. When Ragnarok–the apocalypse–threatens, the human descendents of the gods must fight monsters to stop the end of the world.  SEQUELSOdin’s Ravens (2014) & Thor’s Serpent (2015).  

Galvin, Michael B.  Rebels of the Lamp.  J FIC Galvin
Parker Quarry is only twelve years old, and he’s about to enter a war that has been brewing for centuries. When his mother sends him to New Hampshire to stay with his cousin, Theo, Parker expects to be bored out of his mind. But then he stumbles across an ancient container–with a real genie inside–and life for Parker gets way more exciting. But there are those who seek to unleash the devastating power of the genies onto the world, and he may be humanity’s only hope at surviving.

Golding, Julia.  The Secret of the Sirens.  J FIC Golding  (Companions Quartet SERIES)
Upon moving to her aunt’s seaside home in the British Isles, Connie becomes part of a secret society that shelters mythical creatures, and must use her ability to communicate with these beings to protect them from evil and the incursions of humans.  SEQUELS: The Gorgon’s Gaze (2006), Mines of the Minotaur (2008) & The Chimera’s Curse (2008).

Hennesy, Carolyn.  Pandora Gets Jealous.  J FIC Hennesy  (SERIES)
Thirteen-year-old Pandy is hauled before Zeus and given six months to gather all of the evils that were released when the box she brought to school as her annual project was accidentally opened.  SEQUELS: Pandora Gets Vain (2008), Pandora Gets Lazy (2009), Pandora Gets Heart (2010), Pandora Gets Angry (2011), Pandora Gets Greedy (2012) & Pandora Gets Frightened (2013).

Holub, Joan.  Athena The Brain.  JPB H  (Goddess Girls SERIES)
Athena learns that she is a goddess when she is summoned to Mount Olympus by her father, Zeus, and she must quickly adjust to her new status, make friends with the other godboys and goddessgirls, and catch up with all the studies she missed while attending mortal school.  SEQUELS: Over 15!

Lerangis, Peter.  The Colossus Rises  J FIC Lerangis  (Seven Wonders SERIES)
Teens Jack, Marco, Aly, and Cass begin a quest to find seven pieces of Atlantis’ power that were hidden long ago and that will, if returned to Atlantis, save them from certain death due to the genetic abnormality that also gives them superior abilities.  SEQUELS: Lost in Babylon (2013), The Tomb of Shadows (2014) & The Curse of the King (2015).

McMullan, Kate.  Have a Hot Time, Hades!  J FIC McMullan  (Myth-O-Mania SERIES)
In this story with a modern twist, Hades tells his own version of how he became King of the Underworld and Zeus became King of the Gods.  SEQUELS: Phone Home, Persephone! (2011), Say Cheese, Medusa! (2011), Nice Shot, Cupid! (2011), Stop that Bull, Theseus! (2011), Keep a Lid on it, Pandora! (2011), Get to Work, Hercules! (2011), Go for the Gold, Atalanta! (2011), Hit the road, Helen! (2013) & Get lost, Odysseus (2014).

Northrop, Michael.  The Book of the Dead.  J FIC Northrop  (TombQuest SERIES)
When Alex Sennefer’s mother uses the Lost Spells from the Egyptian Book of the Dead to bring her son from the brink of dying, she also brings back five Death Walkers, leaving Alex and his best friend to find his mother and save the world.  SEQUELS: Amulet Keepers (2015), Valley of Kings (2015) & The Stone Warriors (2015).

Richards, Jasmine.  Secrets of Valhalla.  J FIC Richards
Awakening in a world of myth and magic where a woman they recognize as a famous meteorologist is actually a Norse goddess, Buzz and Mary embark on a journey to collect the Runes of Valhalla to awaken the day guardians before vengeful god Loki traps the Earth forever.

Yolen, Jane.  Odysseus in the Serpent Maze.  J FIC Yolen  (Young Heroes SERIES)
Thirteen-year-old Odysseus, who longs to be a hero, has many opportunities to prove himself during an adventure which involves pirates and satyrs, a trip to Crete’s Labyrinth, and the two young girls, Penelope and Helen, who play a major role in his future life.  SEQUELS: Hippolyta and the Curse of the Amazons (2002), Atalanta and the Arcadian Beast (2003) & Jason and the Gorgon’s Blood (2004).

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