Mystery – If You Like: Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum

If You Like: Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum

Stephanie Plum is the Jersey-girl bounty hunter heroine of Janet Evanovich’s mega-bestselling novels. Stephanie’s not so much skilled as lucky (though she is a great liar). Filled with humor and romance, these novels are pure pleasure for readers who like their stories populated with unforgettable, wise-cracking characters (such as gun-toting Grandma Mazur). Of course, there’s no one quite like Stephanie, but until you’ve bagged Tricky Twenty-Two, which was recently published, check out some of the books below.
Wanna Get Lucky?
by Deborah Coonts

Mystery. What happens in author Deborah Coonts’ frothy fictional Vegas doesn’t stay there — thank goodness! — otherwise, we wouldn’t have this amusing debut novel and the 1st in a series. In Wanna Get Lucky?, a young woman falls to her death from the Babylon Hotel’s sightseeing helicopter — which means the hotel’s customer relations “fixer,” Lucky O’Toole, has a bit of work to do…and a murder to solve. While this “deliciously raunchy” (Kirkus Reviews) novel isn’t for everyone, we bet it’ll be a big hit with those who love laughs and Vegas.

Dead Witch Walking
by Kim Harrison

Urban Fantasy. Witch Rachel Morgan works as a runner (i.e. a bounty hunter) in Cincinnati, where she rounds up lawbreaking werewolves, leprechauns, and the like. In this 1st in a series, she’s tired of her job and wants to quit — but the last person who did paid with their life. Not one to shy away from danger, Rachel leaves anyway. If you enjoy the supernatural aspects in Janet Evanovich’s Between-the-Numbers adventures (Visions of Sugar Plums, Plum Lovin’, etc.), give this series a try; just like Stephanie, Rachel is sassy, witty, and a creative thinker…especially when she’s in danger. And if you like the combination of mystery and fantasy found here, check out Jim Butcher’s books about wizard detective Harry Dresden.

The Spellman Files
by Lisa Lutz

Mystery. In San Francisco, 28-year-old private investigator Isabelle “Izzy” Spellman works for her parents’ detective agency, as does her 14-year-old sister Rae (their brother, the perfect and non-nosey one in the family, is a lawyer) — but Izzy wants out. Her parents agree — if she solves an ice-cold missing persons case first. The fact that the Spellmans are outlandishly dysfunctional, have trouble with boundaries, and are prejudiced against dentists (including the one Izzy starts dating) adds to the over-the-top fun. This “hilarious debut” (Kirkus Reviews), the 1st in a series, will especially appeal to those Janet Evanovich fans who like zany humor and unusual families.

Faces of the Gone
by Brad Parks

Mystery. Even in crime-plagued Newark, New Jersey, when four bodies are found in a vacant lot, each with one bullet to the head, it’s news — and that means investigative reporter Carter Ross writes the story. When Carter thinks the police are on the wrong path, he gets even more involved and sets out to solve the crimes himself. Recruiting some colorful friends to help him, Ross discovers new leads, making the killers want to put him out of print forever. Library Journal calls Faces of the Gone, the 1st in a series, “the most hilariously funny and deadly serious mystery debut since Janet Evanovich’s One for the Money.”  It also won the 2010 Shamus Award for Best First P.I. Novel.

List created 11/23/15 – James Hartmann

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