Mystery – Death and Politics

Death and Politics
Deadly Election
by Lindsey Davis

Historical Mystery. In July 89 A.D., 29-year-old Flavia Albia returns to Rome on business; since her father retired, she’s in charge of the family auction house and his detective work. When her workmen find a body in a chest slated to be sold at auction, she tries to sort out who the victim was; at the same time, her would-be suitor, Faustus, asks for help with a friend’s political campaign, which could prove deadly. Already read this 3rd outing? Look for The Graveyard of the Hesperides, which was just released (and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Marcus Didius Falco mysteries starring Flavia’s father). Interested in more mysteries populated with ancient Romans? Try books by Stephen Saylor and Ruth Downie.

Death of a Red Heroine
by Qiu Xiaolong

Police Procedural. While poetry-loving up-and-coming Chief Inspector Chen Cao hosts a small housewarming party in his highly coveted (though small) new apartment in overcrowded Shanghai, a corpse is discovered in a canal 20 miles away. Cao investigates and learns that the murdered young woman was a National Model Worker, and thus a symbol of China and a tool of propaganda for the Communist party; he also finds his case hampered by people scared to talk and the tense political climate. This 1st in a series that now numbers nine won the Anthony Award for best first novel in 2001. For another look at policing in contemporary China, read Peter May’s China novels, starting with The Firemaker.

Paw and Order: A Chet and Bernie Mystery
by Spencer Quinn

Humorous Mystery. Chet the dog hilariously narrates his adventure-filled days with his human, PI Bernie Little. Though the duo normally reside out west (Chet’s not 100% sure about the state), man and dog are currently on the East Coast after finishing up a job. Since they’re so close to Washington, D.C., they head north to visit reporter Suzie Sanchez, Bernie’s sometime girlfriend, but when they get to her house, a handsome Brit is leaving. After the man ends up dead, Chet and Bernie find themselves in the path of a powerful operative with links to an international conspiracy — and a strange “bird” and a guinea pig named Barnum are involved, too. Animal lovers will wolf down this delightful 7th in a series; newcomers can start here or pick up the 1st book, Dog On It.

The Other Woman
by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Mystery. Formerly a popular Boston TV news reporter, Jane Ryland wouldn’t reveal her source when the station was sued and now she’s working for a local newspaper. Things get worse before they get better when Jane’s secret source is killed and she investigates a candidate’s secret mistress days before a pivotal Senate election. Meanwhile, there might be links between all of this and a possible serial killer investigation by handsome police detective Jake Brogan. Library Journal says “readers who crave mystery and political intrigue will be mesmerized” by this suspenseful 1st Jane Ryland novel.

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