Mysteries (Teen)

Alender, Katie.  Famous Last Words.  Y FIC Alender
High-schooler Willa has just moved to California with her mother and film director stepfather, and she will be attending a private school–but her real problem is that she keeps seeing things that are not really there, like a dead body in the swimming pool, and her visions may be connected to a serial killer that is stalking young girls in Hollywood.

Anderson, M.T.  The Game of Sunken Places.  Y FIC Anderson (SERIES)
When two boys stay with an eccentric relative at his mansion in rural Vermont, they discover an old-fashioned board game that draws them into a mysterious adventure.SEQUELSThe Suburb Beyond the Stars (2010) The Empire of Gut and Bone (2011)

Archer, Jennifer.  Through Her Eyes. Y FIC Archer
Sixteen-year-old Tansy is used to moving every time her mother starts writing a new book, but in the small Texas town where her grandfather grew up, she is lured into the world of a troubled young man whose death sixty years earlier is shrouded in mystery.

Axelrod, Amy.  The Bullet Catch: A Murder By Misadventure.  Y FIC Axelrod
In early twentieth-century New York City, in the golden age of magic, Leo, an orphaned magician’s apprentice, becomes involved in a murder mystery when he trusts a dishonest man.

Bauer, Joan.  Peeled.  Y FIC Bauer
In an upstate New York farming community, high school reporter Hildy Biddle investigates a series of strange occurrences at a house rumored to be haunted.

Beil, Michael D.  The Red Blazer Girls : the Ring of Rocamadour.  Y FIC Beil
Catholic-schooled seventh-graders Sophie, Margaret, Rebecca, and Leigh Ann help an elderly neighbor solve a puzzle her father left for her estranged daughter twenty years ago.

Berk, Josh.  Guy Langman : Crime Scene Procrastinator.  Y FIC Berk
Sixteen-year-old Guy Langman, his best friend Anoop, and other members of the school Forensics Club investigate a break-in and a possible murder, which could be connected to the mysterious past of Guy’s recently-deceased father.

Brown, Anne Greenwood.  Girl Last Seen.  Y FIC Brown
When YouTube sensation Kadence Mulligan disappears, her best friend and former singing partner Lauren comes under suspicion as everyone knows the two had a falling-out and Lauren was one of the last to see Kadence before she went missing.

Cavallaro, Brittany.  A Study in Charlotte.  Y FIC Cavallaro
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson descendants, Charlotte and Jamie, students at a Connecticut boarding school, team up to solve a murder mystery

Chatterton, Martin.  The Brain Finds a Leg.  Y FIC Chatterton
In Farrago Bay, Australia, thirteen-year-old Sheldon is recruited by a new student, Theo Brain, to help investigate a murder, which is tied not only to bizarre animal behavior but also to a diabolical plot to alter human intelligence.

Coben, Harlan.  Shelter.  Y FIC Coben (Mickey Bolitar SERIES)
After tragic events tear Mickey Bolitar away from his parents, he is forced to live with his estranged Uncle Myron and switch high schools, where he finds both friends and enemies, but when his new new girlfriend, Ashley, vanishes, he follows her trail into a seedy underworld that reveals she is not what she seems to be. SEQUELSeconds Away (2012).

Cooney, Caroline B.  No Such Person.  Y FIC Cooney
A sibling rivalry between a free-spirited younger sister and her success-driven older sister escalates into tragedy and mystery for a family during a lakeside summer.

Cross, Gillian.  Tightrope.  Y FIC Cross
When she begins receiving bizarre threatening messages from someone who seems to know her every move, teenage Ashley, after seeking help from the neighborhood tough guy, comes to realize that she alone can end the stalker’s reign of terror.

Donnelly, Jennifer.  These Shallow Graves.  Y FIC Donnelly
A young woman in nineteenth-century New York City must struggle against gender and class boundaries when her father is found dead of a supposed suicide, and she believes there is more than meets the eye, so in order to uncover the truth she will have to decide how much she is willing to risk and lose.

Fantaskey, Beth.  Buzz Kill.  Y FIC Fantaskey
Seventeen-year-old Millie joins forces with her classmate, gorgeous but mysterious Chase Colton, to try to uncover who murdered head football coach “Hollerin’ Hank” Killdare–and why.

Feinstein, John.  Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery.  Y FIC Feinstein  (SERIES)
After winning a basketball reporting contest, eighth graders Stevie and Susan Carol are sent to cover the Final Four tournament, where they discover that a talented player is being blackmailed into throwing the final game. SEQUELSVanishing Act: Mystery at the U.S. Open (2006), Cover-Up: Mystery at the Super Bowl (2007), Change-Up: Mystery at the World Series (2009), The Rivalry: Mystery at the Army-Navy Game (2010), Rush for the Gold: Mystery at the Olympic Games (2012).

Ferguson, Alane. The Christopher killer : a forensic mystery.  Y FIC Ferguson
On the payroll as an assistant to her coroner father, seventeen-year-old Cameryn Mahoney uses her knowledge of forensic medicine to catch the killer of a friend while putting herself in terrible danger.

Friend, Lizzie.  Poor Little Dead Girls.  Y FIC Friend
Starting her junior year at an exclusive East Coast girls’ boarding school on a lacrosse scholarship, small-town Sadie uncovers a murder mystery after being inducted into a powerful secret society.

Gavin, Rohan.  Knightley & Son.  Y FIC Gavin  (SERIES)
A father and son detective team investigates the mystery surrounding a book that that makes its readers commit terrible crimes, and a sinister organization known as the Combination.  SEQUEL: K-9 (2015).

Giles, L.R.  Fake ID.  Y FIC Giles
An African-American teen in the Witness Protection Program moves to a new town and finds himself trying to solve a murder mystery when his first friend is found dead.

Green, John.  Paper Towns.  Y FIC Green
One month before graduating from his Central Florida high school, Quentin “Q” Jacobsen basks in the predictable boringness of his life until the beautiful and exciting Margo Roth Spiegelman, Q’s neighbor and classmate, takes him on a midnight adventure and then mysteriously disappears.

Hale, Kathleen.  No One Else Can Have You.  Y FIC Hale
As sixteen-year-old Kippy of Friendship, Wisconsin, reads her best friend Ruth’s diary, she is shocked at what she learns and spurred to solve Ruth’s murder, certain that the boy who was arrested is innocent.

Haines, Kathryn Miller.  The Girl is Murder.  Y FIC Haines
In 1942 New York City, fifteen-year-old Iris grieves for her mother who committed suicide and for the loss of her life of privilege, and secretly helps her father with his detective business since he, having lost a leg at Pearl Harbor, struggles to make ends meet.

Harrington, Kim.  Forget Me.  Y FIC Harrington
In a town suffering after the major employer closed under a cloud of scandal, Morgan and her friends uncover a mystery as they try to learn if her supposedly dead boyfriend is living nearby under a different name.

Hautman, Pete.  Snatched.  Y FIC Hautman
Too curious for her own good, Roni, crime reporter for her high school newspaper, teams up with Brian, freshman science geek, to investigate the beating and kidnapping of a classmate.

Henry, April.  The Body in the Woods.  Y FIC Henry  (SERIES)
While helping the Portland County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue to seek a missing autistic man, teens Alexis, Nick, and Ruby find, instead, a body and join forces to find the girl’s murderer, forming an unlikely friendship, as well.

Henry, April.  The Girl I Used to Be.  Y FIC Henry
Olivia’s parents were killed fourteen years ago. Now, new evidence reopens the case . . . and she finds herself involved.

Henry, April.  The Night She Disappeared.  YPB Henry / Y FIC Henry 
Told from various viewpoints, Gabie and Drew set out to prove that their missing co-worker Kayla is not dead, and to find her before she is, while the police search for her body and the man who abducted her.

Hiaasen, Carl.  Chomp.  Y FIC Hiaasen
When the difficult star of the reality television show “Expedition Survival” disappears while filming an episode in the Florida Everglades using animals from the wildlife refuge run by Wahoo Crane’s family, Wahoo and classmate Tuna Gordon set out to find him while avoiding Tuna’s gun-happy father.

Hiaasen, Carl.  Skink No Surrender.  Y FIC Hiaasen
With the help of an eccentric ex-governor, a teenaged boy searches for his missing cousin in the Florida wilds.

Lee, Ying.  A Spy in the House.  Y FIC Lee  (The Agency SERIES)
Rescued from the gallows in 1850s London, young orphan and thief Mary Quinn is offered a place at Miss Scrimshaw’s Academy for Girls where she is trained to be part of an all-female investigative unit called The Agency and, at age seventeen, she infiltrates a rich merchant’s home in hopes of tracing his missing cargo ships.

Lim, Rebecca.  The Astrologer’s Daughter.  YPB Lim
When her mother, an astrologer with uncanny predictive powers, goes missing, Avicenna Crowe finds an ally in Simon Thorn and uncovers a link to a cold-case.

Lyga, Barry.  I Hunt Killers.  Y FIC Lyga (SERIES)
Seventeen-year-old Jazz learned all about being a serial killer from his notorious “Dear Old Dad,” but believes he has a conscience that will help fight his own urges and right some of his father’s wrongs, so he secretly helps the police apprehend the town’s newest murderer, “The Impressionist.” SEQUELGame (2013).

McCoy, Mary.  Dead to Me.  Y FIC McCoy
In 1948 Hollywood, a treacherous world of tough-talking private eyes, psychopathic movie stars, and troubled starlets, sixteen-year-old Alice tries to find a young runaway who is the sole witness to a beating that put her sister, Annie, in a coma.

McMann, Lisa.  Cryer’s Cross.  Y FIC McMann
Seventeen-year-old Kendall, who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, lives with her parents on a potato farm in a tiny community in Montana, where two teenagers go missing within months of each other, with no explanation.

McNamee, Graham.  Acceleration. Y FIC McNamee.
Stuck working in the Lost and Found of the Toronto Transit Authority for the summer, seventeen-year-old Duncan finds the diary of a serial killer and sets out to stop him.

Mitchard, Jacquelyn.  What We Saw at Night.  Y FIC Mitchard (SERIES)
After glimpsing an older man in a room with a dead girl, sixteen-year-old Allie, who has a life-threatening allergy to sunlight, discovers she is the lone key to stopping a serial killer.  SEQUELWhat We Lost in the Dark (2013).

Nixon, Joan Lowery. Search for the Shadowman. YPB N  (SUMMER READING)
While working on a genealogy project for his seventh grade history class, Andy Bonner becomes determined to solve the mystery surrounding a distant relative who was accused of stealing the family fortune.

O’Rourke, Tim.  Flashes.  Y FIC O’Rourke
Charley Sheppard is a seventeen-year-old girl who has flashes of visions which lately seem to all be of girls who have died down by the railroad tracks, and Tom Henson is a nineteen-year-old police constable who comes to believe in her–and together they must find the killer before he strikes again.

Parker, Robert B.  The Boxer and the Spy.  Y FIC Parker
Fifteen-year-old Terry, an aspiring boxer, uncovers the mystery behind the unexpected death of a classmate.

Parker, Robert B.  Edenville Owls.  Y FIC Parker
Fourteen-year-old Bobby, living in a small Massachusetts town just after World War II, finds himself facing many new challenges as he tries to pull together his coachless basketball team, cope with new feelings for his old friend Joanie, and discover the identity of the mysterious stranger who seems to be threatening his teacher.

Patterson, James.  Confessions of a Murder Suspect.  Y FIC Patterson
Tandy Angel is, along with her brothers, a suspect in their parents’ murder but having grown up under Malcolm and Maud Angel’s perfectionist demands, Tandy decides she must clear the family name no matter what.

Peacock, Shane.  Death in the Air.  Y FIC Peacock   Series: The Boy Sherlock Holmes
After losing his mother while solving a brutal murder, young Sherlock Holmes commits himself to fighting crime. While visiting his father at work, Sherlock watches a dangerous trapeze performance. When the troupe’s star drops to his death, Sherlock notices something is amiss and realizes it was foul play.  Be sure to check out more titles in this series!

Petrucha, Stefan.  Ripper.  Y FIC Petrucha
Adopted by famous Pinkerton Agency Detective Hawking in 1895 New York, fourteen-year-old Carver Young hopes to find his birth father, but when he becomes involved in the pursuit of notorious killer Jack the Ripper, Carver discovers that finding the truth can be worse than ignorance.

Petty, Heather W.  Lock & Mori.  Y FIC Petty
In modern-day London, sixteen-year-old Miss James “Mori” Moriarty is looking for an escape from her recent past and spiraling home life when she takes classmate Sherlock Holmes up on his challenge to solve a murder mystery.

Prinz, Yvonne.  If You’re Lucky.  Y FIC Prinz
Determined to clear the fog from her mind in order to uncover the truth about her brother’s death, seventeen-year-old Georgia secretly stops taking the medication that keeps away the voices in her head.

Rosenfield, Kat.  Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone.  Y FIC Rosenfield
Unveils the details of a horrific murder, its effects on permanent and summer residents of the small Appalachian town where the body is discovered, and especially how the related violence shakes eighteen-year-old Becca’s determination to leave home as soon as possible.

Sedgwick, Marcus.  She is Not Invisible.  Y FIC Marcus
A London teenager who is blind and her younger brother travel to New York to find their missing father, using clues from his notebook.

Strasser, Todd.  The Accident.  Y FIC Strasser
After four of his friends leave a beer party and suffer a fatal accident, eighteen-year-old Matt senses something peculiar about the police investigation and suspects a cover-up to hide the identity of who was really responsible for the accident.

Strasser, Todd.  Wish You Were Dead.  Y FIC Strasser  (Thrillogy SERIES)
Madison, a senior at a suburban New York high school, tries to uncover who is responsible for the disappearance of her friends, popular students mentioned in the posts of an anonymous blogger, while she, herself, is being stalked online and in-person. SEQUELSBlood on My Hands (2010), Kill You Last (2011).

Surrisi, Cynthia.  The Maypop Kidnapping.  Y FIC Surrisi
Quinnie’s teacher has disappeared. Quinnie suspects a kidnapping but her mom, even though she’s the sheriff of their small Maine town, disagrees. So Quinnie teams with her glamorous new neighbor to investigate the mystery.

Tharp, Tim.  Mojo.  Y FIC Tharp
A boy who feels powerless in his own life sets out to investigate the mystery of a missing high school girl in his town, who attends an elite private high school very unlike his own.

Tromly, Stephanie.  Trouble is a Friend of Mine.  Y FIC Tromly
After her parents’ divorce, Zoe Webster moves from Brooklyn to upstate New York where she meets the weirdly compelling misfit, Philip Digby, and soon finds herself in a series of hilarious and dangerous situations as he pulls her into his investigation into the kidnapping of a local teenage girl which may be related to the disappearance of his kid sister eight years ago.

Voigt, Cynthia.  The Vandemark Mummy.  Y FIC Voigt
When, as the new Classics professor at Vandemark College, their father is made responsible for a collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, twelve-year-old Phineas and his older sister Althea try to find out why the collection is the target of thieves, especially when the mummy disappears.

Westall, Robert.   Stormsearch.  Y FIC Westall
Tim Vaux’s discovery of an antique model ship on an English beach leads him to an unsolved family mystery involving a London heiress, a heartbroken drunkard, and the fanatic miser Black Idris.

Yep, Laurence. The Case of the Lion Dance. Y FIC Yep
When $2000 is stolen during the opening of a restaurant, Lily and her aunt, a Chinese American movie actress, search for the thief throughout San Francisco’s Chinatown.


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