Ashley, Bernard.  Cleversticks.  [GROWING UP]

Barnwell, Ysaye M.  No Mirrors in My Nana’s House.  [RHYMES & SONGS]

Benjamin, Floella.  My Two Grannies.  [GROWING UP]

Bunting, Eve.  Flower Garden.  [NATURE]

Bunting, Eve.  Smoky Night.  [OLDER]

Choi, Sook Nyul.  Halmoni and the Picnic.  [OLDER]

Copeland, Misty.  Firebird.  [CULTURAL ARTS]

Fleischman, Paul.  Matchbox Diary.  [OLDER]

Garland, Sherry.  The Lotus Seed.  [OLDER]

Hoffman, Mary.  Amazing Grace.  [GROWING UP]

Johnson, Angela.  Tell Me a Story, Mama.  [STORIES]

Kobald, Irena.  My Two Blankets.  [OLDER]

Lewin, Ted.  Amazon Boy.  [NATURE]

Low, William.  Chinatown.  [HOLIDAY]

Medina, Meg.  Mango, Abuela and Me.  [GROWING UP]

Mora, Pat.  Tomas and the Library Lady.  [OLDER]

Recorvits, Helen.  My Name is Yoon.  [STORIES]

Ringgold, Faith.  Tar Beach.  [FAVORITES]

Scott, Ann Herbert.  On Mother’s Lap.  [GROWING UP]

Steptoe, John.  Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters.  [OLDER]

Thong, Roseanne.  Green is a Chile Pepper: A Book of Colors.  [CONCEPTS]

Watts, Jeri.  A Piece of Home.  [GROWING UP]

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