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Blevins, Wiley.  I’m Not Moving.

Carlstrom, Nancy White.  I’m Not Moving Mama!

Cole, Henry.  On Meadowview Street.  [NATURE]

Fletcher, Ralph.  Moving Day.  J 811 F

Juster, Norton.  Neville.

Latimer, Miriam.  Dear Panda.

MacLachlan, Patricia.  What You Know First.  [NATURE]

Mackay, Elly.  Butterfly Park.  [NATURE]

O’Donnell, Elizabeth Lee.  Maggie Doesn’t Want to Move.

Penn, Audrey.  A Kiss Goodbye.

Rabe, Berniece.  A Smooth Move.

Slegers, Liesbet.  Katie Moves.

Underwood, Deborah.  Bad Bye, Good Bye.

Waber, Bernard.  Gina.  [FAVORITES]

Waber, Bernard.  Ira Says Goodbye.  [FAVORITES]

Wagner, Anke.  Tim’s Big Move.

Yoo, Paula.  Lily’s New Home.  Reader 2 Y

York, Sarah.  Lauren’s Moving Day.

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