Anderson, Laurie Halse.  No Time for Mother’s Day.  [HOLIDAY]

Andreasen, Dan.  A Special Day for Mommy.  [HOLIDAY]

Berenstain, Stan & Berenstain, Jan.  The Berenstain Bears and the Mama’s Day Surprise.  [HOLIDAY]

Birdwell, Norman.  Clifford’s Happy Mother’s Day.  [HOLIDAY]

Bunting, Eve.  The Mother’s Day Mice.  [HOLIDAY]

Downing, Julie.  Where is My Mommy?  [NATURE]

Fox. Mem.  Koala Lou.  [NATURE]

Glenn, Sharlee.  Just What Mama Needs.  [STORIES]

Gray, Rita.  Mama Mine, Mama Mine.  {RHYMES & SONGS]

Munsch, Robert.  Love You Forever.  [FAVORITES] & JPB M

Norac, Carl.  My Mommy is Magic.  [GROWING UP]

Numeroff, Laura.  What Mommies Do Best.  [FAVORITES]

Paradis, Susan.  My Mommy.  [GROWING UP]

Penn, Audrey.  The Kissing Hand.  [FAVORITES]

Penn, Audrey.  A Pocket Full of Kisses.  [GROWING UP]

Plourde, Lynn.  Mother, May I.  [GROWING UP]

Rockwell, Anne.  Mother’s Day.  [HOLIDAY]

Sendarak, Carol.  Mommy in my Pocket.  [GROWING UP]

Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman.  Hooray for Mother’s Day.  [HOLIDAY]

Weninger, Brigitte.  “It Was Me, Mom!”  [GROWING UP]

Willis, Jeanne.  Mommy Do You Love Me?  [NATURE]

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