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Bates, Ivan.  The Hide-and-Scare Bear. 

Berger, Samantha.  Martha Doesn’t Say Sorry.

Cole, Babette.  Lady Lupin’s Book of Etiquette.  [STORIES]

Goldberg, Whoopi.  Whoopi’s Big Book of Manners.  (J 395.1 G)

Gray, Nigel.  A Country Far Away.  [STORIES]

Heos, Bridget.  Manners at a Restaurant.

Keller, Laurie.  Do Unto Otters.

Kopelke, Lisa.  Excuse Me!  [STORIES]

Knapman, Timothy.  The Friendliest Ballerina.  [RHYMES & SONGS]

London, Jonathan.  Froggy Eats Out.  [FAVORITES]

Long, Melinda.  How I Became a Pirate.  [STORIES]

Miller, Connie.  Monster Knows Excuse Me.

Miller, Connie.  Monster Knows Please and Thank You.

Miller, Connie.  Monster Knows Table Manners.

Post, Peggy.  Emily’s Magic Words: Please, Thank You and More.

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