Books about this topic can be found in the [GROWING UP] (LIGHT BLUE label) section of the picture book area unless another location is specified.

Baker, Keith.  No Two Alike.  [NATURE]

Bramsen, Kirsten.  The Yellow Tutu.  [STORIES]

Dickey, R.A.  Knuckleball Ned.  [SPORTS]

DiPucchio, Kelly.  Gaston.  [NATURE]

Gore, Leonid.  And Nick. 

Henkes, Kevin.  Chrysanthemum.  [FAVORITES]

Lionni, Leo.  A Color of His Own.  [FAVORITES]

Lionn, Leo.  Little Blue and Little Yellow.  [CONCEPTS]

Manning, Mick.  Cock-a-Doodle Hooooooo!  [NATURE]

Milgrim, David.  Some Monsters Are Different. 

Mitchell, Lori.  Different Just Like Me.

Modesitt, Jeanne.  Mama, If You Had a Wish.

OHora, Zachariah.  My Cousin MoMo.

Richmond, Marianne.  Hooray for You! : A Celebration of “You-ness”

Rim, Sujean.  Birdie’s Big-Girl Hair.

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