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Unnatural Acts: Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I.
by Kevin J. Anderson

In Unnatural Acts, author Kevin Anderson’s offbeat approach to zombie lore, undead private detective Dan Shamble and his human partner Robin Dyer have to cope with a range of unnatural and supernatural beings, as well as human Senator Rupert Balfour, who’s attempting to criminalize undead activities. Also in Dan’s caseload, enslaved golems are seeking freedom from the manufacturer they work for, and somebody murders a gremlin pawnbroker. If you like your horror with a side of humor, you’ll want to try this 2nd entry in the Shamble & Die Investigations series, which begins with Death Warmed Over.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls
by Steve Hockensmith

This prequel to Seth Grahame-Smith’s bestselling Pride and Prejudice and Zombies reveals how Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters came to be such skilled zombie slayers. The story begins several years before Mr. Bingley moves to Netherfield, when undead “unmentionables” begin popping up in the quiet Hertfordshire town of Meryton. Mr. Bennet, the girls’ curmudgeonly father — a retired special operative who thought his zombie-hunting days were over — converts their greenhouse into a dojo and trains his daughters in combat. If you’re a fan of literary monster mash-ups, especially those based on Jane Austen’s novels, author Steve Hockensmith’s Dawn of the Dreadfuls is a must-read.

Dead of Night: A Zombie Novel
by Jonathan Maberry

A medical experiment unexpectedly turns a condemned prisoner, Homer Gibbon, into a zombie in Jonathan Maberry’s gripping Dead of Night. After the prisoner wakes up, he goes on a violent rampage — and his bites turn his victims into yet more zombies. Police officers JT Hammond and Dez Fox work with reporter Billy Trout to investigate the origin of this plague, which soon becomes a full-fledged zombie apocalypse. Supplying both humor and terror, this tale will enthrall fans of classic zombie literature and films, especially George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. Maberry’s sequel, Fall of Night, continues the adventures of Dez, Billy, and JT.

by Cherie Priest

During the American Civil War, scientist Leviticus Blue invented “Dr. Blue’s Incredible Bone-Shaking Drill Engine,” a massive steam-powered mining machine. Unfortunately, it malfunctioned, tearing open a vein of toxic gas that killed the inventor and turned many of Seattle’s inhabitants into zombies called “rotters.” Sixteen years later, Blue’s teenage son Zeke heads for the ruined, walled-off city to learn more about his father, hoping to clear his name. Harboring her own dark secrets, Zeke’s widowed mother, Briar, sets out to rescue her son. Set in an alternate 1880 Seattle, Boneshaker offers an absorbing blend of steampunk, mystery, coming-of-age, and horror.

To Sail a Darkling Sea
by John Ringo

In this sequel to Under a Graveyard Sky, author John Ringo continues his creative approach to recounting the zombie apocalypse. Featuring engaging, believable characters and banter-filled dialog, To Sail a Darkling Sea finds Australian Steve Smith, his family, and other survivors on a flotilla-city off the coast of the U.S. As they work to rid the boats they encounter of zombies, they plan to extend clearing operations to towns on land and develop a vaccine at a Guantanamo research facility. The 4-volume Black Tide Rising series continues in Islands of Rage and Hope and concludes inStrands of Sorrow. An additional story anthology by various authors,Black Tide Rising, is due out this month.

Rise Again: Below Zero
by Ben Tripp

Two years after the events related in author Ben Tripp’s Rise Again, the zombies have evolved into several types. In addition to the classic shambling cannibals, there are cunning hunters and predatory thinkers. Sheriff Danielle “Danny” Adelman and her small group of survivors hear rumors of a safe haven called Happy Town somewhere in the east, but the closer they get to it, the more suspicious Danny becomes. The well-drawn characters in Below Zero increase the emotional power of Danny’s moral dilemmas in this “taut and intelligent” (Publishers Weekly) novel.

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