Holocaust Fiction (Teen)

Bartoletti, Susan Campbell.  The Boy Who Dared.  Y FIC Bartoletti
In October, 1942, seventeen-year-old Helmuth Hübener, imprisoned for distributing anti-Nazi leaflets, recalls his past life and how he came to dedicate himself to bring the truth about Hitler and the war to the German people.

Chapman, Fern Schumer.  Is it Night or Day?  Y FIC Chapman
In 1938, Edith Westerfeld, a young German Jew, is sent by her parents to Chicago, Illinois, where she lives with an aunt and uncle and tries to assimilate into American culture, while worrying about her parents and mourning the loss of everything she has ever known. Based on the author’s mother’s experience, includes an afterword about a little-known program that brought twelve hundred Jewish children to safety during World War II.

Chotjewitz, David.  Daniel, Half-Human : The Nazis Come to Power.  Y FIC Chotjewitz
In 1933, best friends Daniel and Armin admire Hitler, but as anti-Semitism buoys Hitler to power, Daniel learns he is half Jewish, threatening the friendship even as life in their beloved Hamburg, Germany, is becoming nightmarish. Also details Daniel and Armin’s reunion in 1945 in interspersed chapters.

Clark, Kathy.  Guardian Angel House.  YPB Clark
When Mama decides to send Susan and Vera to a Catholic convent to hide from the Nazi soldiers, Susan is shocked. Will the two Jewish girls be safe in a building full of strangers?

Cormier, Robert.  Tunes for Bears to Dance To.  Y FIC Cormier
Eleven-year-old Henry escapes his family’s problems by watching the woodcarving of Mr. Levine, an elderly Holocaust survivor, but when Henry is manipulated into betraying his friend he comes to know true evil.

Dogar, Sharon.  Annexed.  Y FIC Dogar
The story of the boy who loved Anne Frank.

Dowswell, Paul.  The Auslander.  Y FIC Dowswell
German soldiers take Peter from a Warsaw orphanage, and soon he is adopted by Professor Kaltenbach, a prominent Nazi, but Peter forms his own ideas about what he sees and hears and decides to take a risk that is most dangerous in 1942 Berlin.

Engle, Margarita.  Tropical Secrets: Holocaust refugees in Cuba.  Y FIC Engle
Escaping from Nazi Germany to Cuba in 1939, a young Jewish refugee dreams of finding his parents again, befriends a local girl with painful secrets of her own, and discovers that the Nazi darkness is never far away.

Forman, James.  The Survivor.  Y FIC Forman
An account of a Jewish family in Holland during World War II as one by one it dwindles away during the Nazi holocaust.

Friedman, D. Dina.  Escaping into the Night.  Y FIC Friedman
Thirteen-year-old Halina Rudowski narrowly escapes the Polish ghetto and flees to the forest, where she is taken in by an encampment of Jews trying to survive World War II.

Gleitzman, Morris.  Once.  Y FIC Gleitzman
After living in an Catholic orphanage for nearly four years, a naive Jewish boy runs away and embarks on a journey across Nazi-occupied Poland to find his parents. SEQUELS: Then (2011) & Now (2012)

Greif, Jean-Jacques.  The Fighter.  Y FIC Greif
Moshe Wisniak, a poor Polish Jew, uses his physical strength and cleverness, plus luck, to help him survive the horrors he is subjected to in the concentration camps of World War II. Based on the life of Moshè Garbarz.

Hesse, Monica.  Girl in the Blue Coat.  Y FIC Hesse
In 1943 Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, teenage Hanneke–a ‘finder’ of black market goods–is tasked with finding a Jewish girl a customer had been hiding, who has seemingly vanished into thin air, and is pulled into a web of resistance activities and secrets as she attempts to solve the mystery and save the missing girl.

Kacer, Kathy.  The Diary of Laura’s Twin.  YPB Kacer
A Holocaust survivor gives Laura Wyman the diary of a girl who lived in the Warsaw Ghetto, with whom Laura can “twin” as she prepares for her Bar Mitzvah, and Laura relates her thoughts and feelings about the young girl’s writings and tragic life.

Kositsky, Lynne.  The Thought of High Windows.  Y FIC Kositsky
Young and Jewish, Esther is on the run from the Nazis at the beginning of World War II.

Laird, Christa.  Shadow of the Wall.  Y FIC Laird
Living with his mother and two sisters in the Warsaw Ghetto, Misha is befriended by the director of the orphanage, Dr. Korczak, and finds a purpose to his life when he joins a resistance organization.

Levitin, Sonia.  Room in the Heart.  Y FIC Levitin
After German forces occupy Denmark during World War II, fifteen-year-old Julie Weinstein and fifteen-year-old Niels Nelson and their friends and families try to cope with their daily lives, finding various ways to resist the Nazis and, ultimately, to survive.

Matas, Carol.  Greater than Angels.  Y FIC Matas
Anna, a teenaged German refugee, relates how she and other Jewish children were cared for by the citizens of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, France, during the German occupation.

Mazer, Norma Fox.  Good Night, Maman.  Y FIC Mazer
After spending years fleeing from the Nazis in war-torn Europe, twelve-year-old Karin Levi and her older brother Marc find a new home in a refugee camp in Oswego, New York.

Nolan, Han.  If I Should Die Before I Wake.  Y FIC Nolan
As Hilary, a Neo-Nazi initiate, lies in a coma, she is transported back to Poland at the onset of World War II into the life of a Jewish teenager.

Orlev, Uri.  The Man from the Other Side.  Y FIC Orlev
Living on the outskirts of the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II, fourteen-year-old Marek and his grandparents shelter a Jewish man in the days before the Jewish uprising.

Reiss, Johanna.  The Upstairs Room.  YPB Reiss
A Dutch Jewish girl describes the two-and-one-half years she spent in hiding in the upstairs bedroom of a farmer’s house during World War II.

Richter, Hans Peter.  Friedrich.  Y FIC Richter / Y PB R
A young German boy recounts the fate of his best friend, a Jew, during the Nazi regime.

Sharenow, Robert.  The Berlin Boxing Club.  Y FIC Sharenow
In 1936 Berlin, fourteen-year-old Karl Stern, who is considered Jewish despite a non-religious upbringing, learns to box from the legendary Max Schmeling while struggling with the realities of the Holocaust.

Spinelli, Jerry.  Milkweed.  Y FIC Spinelli
In Warsaw in 1939, a boy wanders the streets and survives by stealing what food he can. He knows nothing of his background: Is he a Jew? A Gypsy? Was he ever called something other than Stopthief?

Voigt, Cynthia.  David and Jonathan.  Y FIC Voigt
The relationship between two close friends, Henry and Jonathan, changes when Jonathan’s cousin David, a victim of the Holocaust, comes to live with David’s family.

Vos, Ida.  Dancing on the Bridge of Avignon.  Y FIC Vos
Relates the experiences of a young Jewish girl and her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

Vos, Ida.  The Key Is Lost.  Y FIC Vos
When the Germans occupy Holland in 1940 and begin to persecute the Jews there, twelve-year-old Eva and her family assume false names and move from one hiding place to another.

Whitney, Kim Ablon.  The Other Half of Life: A Novel Based on the True Story of the MS St. Louis.  Y FIC Whitney
In 1939, fifteen-year-old Thomas sails on a German ship bound for Cuba with more than nine hundred German Jews expecting to be granted safe haven in Cuba.

Wilson, Leslie.  Saving Rafael.  Y FIC Wilson
Jenny is a fifteen year old German girl in love with a Jewish boy in 1943 Berlin who, along with her sympathetic mother, decides to try to help the boy by hiding him from the Nazi authorities.

Yolen, Jane.  The Devil’s Arithmetic.  J FIC Yolen
Hannah resents stories of her Jewish heritage and of the past until, when opening the door during a Passover Seder, she finds herself in Poland during World War II where she experiences the horrors of a concentration camp, and learns why she– and we–need to remember the past.

Zail, Suzy.  Playing for the Commandant.  Y FIC Zail
A young Jewish pianist at Auschwitz, desperate to save her family, is chosen to play at the camp commandant’s house. How could she know she would fall in love with the wrong boy?

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