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Sick in the Head: Conversations about Life and Comedy
by Judd Apatow

Technically, Sick in the Head is not a memoir, though it does share a lot about director Judd Apatow’s comedic influences.  It’s actually a collection of conversations and interviews between Apatow and his fellow comedians, whether it’s his idol Jerry Seinfeld (interviewed when Apatow was only 15) or contemporaries like Adam Sandler or mentee Amy Schumer. Because the earliest interviews were done in the 1980s, this book offers a tantalizing perspective of the rising stars of that decade while also exploring what being funny is all about.

Why Not Me?
by Mindy Kaling

Actress, writer, and director Mindy Kaling is often told by fans that they want to be her best friend. Sadly for us, the position is already taken. In her candid second memoir, Mindy addresses everything from her (brief) time as a sorority sister and how she feels about wearing fake pregnancy suits (not great) to what a regular work day looks like (exhausting, but sometimes with cake) and that time she thought she might die in a plane crash (she was very calm). Throughout, her charming, self-deprecating but very smart humor shines through, and fans won’t want to miss it.

Born with Teeth: A Memoir
by Kate Mulgrew

Actress Kate Mulgrew is known for the strong women characters she has played on such successful TV shows as Star Trek: Voyagerand Orange Is the New Black, and in real life, she’s surmounted more than a few obstacles along the way. In her forthright memoir, Mulgrew shares stories from a happy childhood and her successful acting career, as well as her heartbreak over the deaths of two siblings and her decision to place her first (unplanned) daughter for adoption. “Compellingly introspective and revealing,” says Kirkus Reviews.

M Train
by Patti Smith

“It’s not so easy writing about nothing,” declares musical icon Patti Smith at the outset of this follow-up to her acclaimed memoir, Just Kids. Of course, Smith isn’t really recounting nothing (though even if she were, it would probably still be riveting). Described by the author as “a roadmap to my life,” M Train takes readers on a tour of the places and spaces that have influenced Smith throughout her long and multifaceted career.

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