Great Reads For 2nd Grade!

Adderson, Caroline.  Jasper John Dooley: Star of the Week.  J FIC Adderson
Taking a turn as “Star of the Week” at school, Jasper John Dooley is upset by an unsuccessful show-and-tell presentation, a spotlight-stealing baby, and a classmate’s shenanigans that send Jasper to the principal’s office.

Adderson, Caroline.  Left Behind.  J FIC Adderson 
Feeling left behind when his beloved Nan leaves for a week-long cruise, Jasper John Dooley realizes that he will be less lonely if he has his own adventures, which include a stapling mishap and a hamster escape.  

Barrows, Annie.  Ivy and Bean.  J FIC Barrows  (SERIES)
When seven-year-old Bean plays a mean trick on her sister, she finds unexpected support for her antics from Ivy, the new neighbor, who is less boring than Bean first suspected.

Birney, Betty G.  Humphrey’s Really Wheely Racing Day.  J FIC Birney  (Humphrey’s Tiny Tales SERIES)
When Mandy, one of the students from classroom 26, brings a special hamster-sized race car to class, it means just one thing–Humphrey is going to be in a hamster race.

Blume, Judy.  The One in the Middle is a Green Kangaroo.  JPB B
Freddy hates being the middle one in the family until he gets a part in the school play.

Broach, Elise.  The Miniature World of Marvin & James.  J FIC Broach
When his best friend, a human boy named James, goes away on vacation, Marvin the beetle worries that their friendship may end.

Bunting, Eve.  Reggie.  J FIC Bunting
Eight-year old Alex is determined to keep the toy mouse he finds tied to a balloon, even after posters appear asking for its return, but when his dog Patch disappears, Alex discovers what it is like to lose something you love more than anything.

Byars, Betsy Cromer.  Boo’s Dinosaur.  J FIC Byars
When young Boo is followed home by a dinosaur that only she can see, it causes a bit of trouble for her older brother, Sammy.

Calmenson, Stephanie.  No Dogs Allowed.  J FIC Calmenson
Best friends and dog lovers Kate and Lucie live in apartments where dogs are not allowed, but a pair of unusual necklaces they find in a thrift store allow them to become dogs whenever they wish.

DiCamillo, Kate.  Mercy Watson to the Rescue.  J FIC DiCamillo  (SERIES)
After Mercy the pig snuggles to sleep with the Watsons, all three awaken with the bed teetering on the edge of a big hole in the floor.

Durand, Hallie.  No Room for Dessert.  J FIC Durand
Eight-year-old Donahue “Dessert” Schneider is feeling completely ignored and unloved at home, but she is certain that will change when her invention wins the Thomas Edison Contest at school.

Fraser, Ian.  Meet Mammoth.  J FIC Fraser
Two cavemen, Ogg and Bob, capture a mammoth and then try to train him as a pet.

Greene, Stephanie.  Moose Crossing.  J FIC Greene
Moose is excited when the sign “Moose Crossing” is put up, but he finds that tourists and fans can be exhausting.

Griffin, Adele.  Oona Finds An Egg.  J FIC Griffin
Oona finds a giant egg and brings it back to West Wog to care for it, and see what hatches–but others in the cave want to claim her egg, particularly the nasty kid Bruce Brute, and when the baby stegosaurus hatches it will have to choose who it wants to live with.

Haasm Jessie.  Jigsaw Pony.  J FIC Haas
Twins Kiera and Fran have never agreed on anything but when their dream comes true and their father surprises them with a pony, they must learn to work together to care for their new pet.

Hale, Bruce.  Big Bad Detective Agency.  J FIC Hale
Accused of ransacking the houses of the Three Little Pigs, Wolfgang is given one day by the ruler of Fairylandia to find the real culprit, aided by a fourth pig.

Hale, Shannon & Hale, Dean.  The Princess in Black.  J FIC Hale
Hiding her secret identity as a monster-fighting superhero, Princess Magnolia interrupts her fancy tea with the unsuspecting Duchess Wigtower to stop a big blue monster from endangering her kingdom’s goats.

Hallem, J.  The Super Electrics.  J FIC Hallem
A group of friends forms a basketball team, coached by one of their mothers, but when they become frustrated over losing every game they play, one girl decides to cheat.

Hanlon, Abby.  Dory Fantasmagory.  J FIC Hanlon
Dory, the youngest in her family, is a girl with a very active imagination, and she spends the summer playing with her imaginary friend, pretending to be a dog, battling monsters, and generally driving her family nuts.

Harper, Jessica.  Uh-Oh Cleo.  J FIC Harper
What starts out as a perfectly ordinary day in the Small house turns into Stiches Saturday when Cleo gets a cut on the head after her twin brother, Jack, accidentally pulls down their “Toy House.”

Hopper, Ada.  March of the Mini Beasts.  J FIC Hopper
Three second-graders who love science get thrown in a wild spiral of adventures after meeting their reclusive neighbor, Dr. Gustav Bunsen. When Dr. Bunsen’s growth ray hits a crate of animal figurines, the toys not only start growing, but also come to life.

Hurwitz, Johanna.  Busybody Nora.  JPB H
Relates the adventures of an inquisitive little girl who lives in a large apartment building in New York with her parents and little brother Teddy.

Hurwitz, Johanna.  Magical Monty.  J FIC Hurwitz
First-grader Monty Morris includes his new baby sister in a school project, gives his mother a surprising gift, gets a little more than he can handle with his friend Joey’s dogs, and learns that sometimes a day filled with excitement is not the best thing.

Jacobson, Jennifer Richard.  Andy Shane and the Very Bossy Dolores Starbuckle.  J FIC Jacobson // JPB J
Andy Shane hates school, mainly because of a tattletale know-it-all named Dolores Starbuckle, but Granny Webb, who has taken care of him all his life, joins him in class one day and helps him solve the problem.

Jones, Noah.  Moldylocks and the Three Beards.  J FIC Jones
After falling through the refrigerator into the Land of Fake Believe, Princess meets a girl named Moldylocks who takes her to the home of the Three Beards for chili–but when the Beards capture her friend, Princess must come up with a plan to save her.

Kerrin, Jessica Scott.  Martin Bridge Sounds the Alarm!  J FIC Kerrin
Martin’s back in two more stories. He gets a new babysitter and learns that dancing isn’t all bad. In the second story, Martin and his friend Stuart find themselves locked in a toy store with no way out.

King-Smith, Dick.  The Mouse Family Robinson.  J FIC King-Smith
After a close call with the cat who stalks the hallways, a family of wild mice, including adventurous, young Beaumont and elderly Uncle Brown, emigrates to a more mouse-friendly house down the block.

Kline, Suzy.  Horrible Harry and the Goog.  J FIC Kline.
When Horrible Harry’s pet cat, Googer, sneaks a ride and gets into the school building, third-graders Harry and Doug have to catch him before anyone else does, which means going into some forbidden places.

Landry, Leo.  Grin and Bear It.  J FIC Landry
Will stage fright prevent a very funny bear from becoming a stand-up comedian?

Lay, Kathryn.  Tornado Trouble.  J FIC Lay
Wendy Peters is wild about weather. She loves experimenting with it, learning about it, and teaching others about all kinds of weather patterns. Her family has just moved to Circleville, Texas, and she’s excited to learn that her new teacher and classmates Jessica and Dennis are as weather mad as she is. When the three students discover Circleville Elementary doesn’t have a safety plan for tornadoes, they set a plan in motion to change that, just in time. Can Wendy’s weather plan keep everyone safe when a tornado hits?

MacLachlan, Patricia.  Word After Word After Word.  J FIC MacLachlan
A visiting author teaches five friends about the power of words and writing.

Marko, Cyndi.  Let’s Get Cracking.  [J GRAPHIC NOVEL] J FIC Marko.  (Kung Pow Chicken SERIES)
Gordon Blue and his brother Benny, unlikely superheroes, must save Fowladelphia from Granny Goosebumps, who has filled the city with cookies that cause innocent chickens’ feathers to fall off.

O’Neill, Catharine. Annie and Simon.  J FIC O’Neill
Recounts four adventures of Annie, her big brother, Simon, and their dog, Hazel.

Orr, Wendy.  Lost!: A Dog Called Bear.  J FIC Orr
When Logan’s dog runs away as he and his mother are moving to a new home after his parents separate, a girl named Hannah, who longs for a dog of her own, finds him.

Ostow, Micol.  Louise Trapeze is Totally 100% Fearless.  J FIC Ostow
Six-year-old Louise Trapeze lives at the circus and can’t wait to fly on the trapeze until she discovers that she is afraid of heights.

Peschke, M.  Hoop Queen.  J FIC Peschke  (Kylie Jean SERIES)

Everyone else in Kylie Jean Carter’s family loves basketball, but she is no good at it, having a hard time dribbling and shooting baskets. She must find a way to win the Free Throw Tournament and become the Little Dribbler Queen.

Peterson, John.  The Littles.  JPB P

The Littles are a family of tiny people who live in the Bigg family’s house. Mr. Little is only six inches tall, and he is big for a Little. The Littles develop a plan to get rid of the mice in the Bigg’s house.

Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman.  The Pizza Monster.  J FIC Sharmat
Wealthy secret agent Olivia Sharp helps depressed Duncan find a friend.

Shreve, Steve.  The Adventures of Benny.  J FIC Shreve

A resourceful young boy’s adventures introduce him to a host of characters, including Bigfoot, a mummy, pirates, monkeys, and his very own Booger-Man.

Staunton, Ted.  Morgan Gets Cracking.  J FIC Staunton

Morgan doesn’t like the new kid, Curtis, who can juggle, do karate and play guitar, and loves to brag about it. But some of the kids in his class are impressed, especially when Curtis teases Aldeen, the Queen of Mean-who isn’t even mean back! Does Aldeen actually like Curtis? A game of egg toss at a neighborhood party will show how Aldeen really feels. Who do you think ends up with egg on his face?”

Surovec, Yasmine.  My Pet Human.  J FIC Surovec
A cat that enjoys his carefree life gets some treats and backrubs from the humans who have just moved into his favorite abandoned house, then sets out to train them properly, all the while protesting to his friends that he has no interest in being tied down to a human pet.

Willems, Mo.  The Story of Diva and Flea.  J FIC Willems
In the bustling city of Paris, a small yet brave dog, Diva, and an adventurous cat named Flea become two unlikely friends.

Zemke, Deborah.  My Life in Pictures.  J FIC Zemke
When budding artist Bea Garcia’s best friend moves to Australia and a loud, rambunctious boy moves into her old house, Bea must learn to make new friends.

Ziefert, Harriet.  Worm Day.  J FIC Ziefert
Mr. Rose brings his science class a cooler full of worms so that they can study the animals’ characteristics first hand.


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