Great Picture Books For Girls

Alko Every-Day Dress-Up  [CULTURAL ARTS]
Baker Olive’s First Sleepover [GROWING UP]
Carlow Kitty Princess and the Newspaper Dress [FOLK & FAIRY TALES]
Cole Princess Smartypants Rules [FOLK & FAIRY TALES]
Coyle Do Princesses Scrape Their Knees? [GROWING UP]
Cuyler Princess Bess Gets Dressed [STORIES]
Davies Happy to be Girls [RHYMES & SONGS]
Dodds Prince Wont Go To Bed [STORIES]
Falconer Olivia Forms a Band  [FAVORITES]
Fliess Shoes for Me [RHYMES & SONGS]
Fox Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush her Hair [RHYMES & SONGS]
Fraser Mermaid Sister [STORIES]
Funke A Princess, A Pirate, and One Wild Brother [STORIES]
Heide The One and Only Marigold [STORIES]
Henkes Lilly’s Big Day [FAVORITES] Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse [FAVORITES]
Hobbie Priscilla and the Pink Planet [RHYMES & SONGS]
Hobbie Priscilla and the Splish Splash Surprise [RHYMES & SONGS]
Howe Brontorina  [CULTURAL ARTS]
Holabird Angelina Ballerina [FAVORITES]
Huget, Jennifer LaRue The Best Birthday Party Ever [STORIES]
Jabar Wow! It sure is good to be you [GROWING UP]
John and Wendy Periwinkle Smith and the Twirly, Whirly Tutu [STORIES]
Jones Pink Takes a Bow [CONCEPTS]
Kann Pinkalicious [FAVORITES]
Kann Purplicious [FAVORITES]
Konigsburg Amy Elizabeth Explores Bloomingdales [OLDER]
Lichtenheld Bridget’s Beret [CULTURAL ARTS]
MacHale The Monster Princess [RHYMES & SONGS]
Munsch Paper Bag Princess [FAVORITES]
Numeroff The Jellybeans and the Big Dance [CULTURAL ARTS] The Jellybeans and the Big Book Bonanza [GROWING UP]
O’Connor Fancy Nancy  and other Fancy Nancy Books [FAVORITES]
O’Connor Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy [FAVORITES]
Primavera Louise the Big Cheese [GROWING UP]
Reidy Too Purpley! [STORIES]
Rim Birdie’s Big-Girl Dress [RHYMES & SONGS]
Rylant Brownie & Pearl Step Out [FAVORITES]
Soman Ladybug Girl [STORIES]
Symes Harriet Dancing [CUTURAL ARTS]
Tsiang A Flock of Shoes [NATURE]
Tyler Tumble Tower [STORIES]
Villnave Sophie’s Lovely Locks [GROWING UP]
Weeks Ella, of Course! [CUTURAL ARTS]
Wilcox Falling for Rapunzel [FOLK & FAIRY TALES]
Wilcox Waking Beauty [FOLK & FAIRY TALES]
Wilson Princess Me [RHYMES & SONGS]
Yolen Pretty Princess Pig [FAVORITES]
Young Belinda Begins Ballet [CULTURAL ARTS]
Young Belinda in Paris [CULTURAL ARTS]
Young Belinda the Ballerina [CULTURAL ARTS]
Ziefert Posey Paints a Princess [STORIES]
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