Graphic Novels (Teen)

Chmakova, Svetlana.  Awkward.  [Y Graphic Novel]  Y FIC Chmakova
After shunning Jaime, the school nerd, on her first day at a new middle school, Penelope Torres tries to blend in with her new friends in the art club, until the art club goes to war with the science club, of which Jaime is a member.  

Doctorow. Cory.  In Real Life.  [Y Graphic Novel] YPB Doctorow
Immersing herself in an online fantasy game, Anda confronts a difficult choice when she befriends a disadvantaged Chinese child who illegally collects rare items in the game and sells them to other players.

Gownley, Jimmy.  The Dumbest Idea Ever.   [Y Graphic Novel] Y B Gownley
A renowned comics creator recounts his adventures as he grows from an eager-to-please boy into a teenage comic book artist, sharing the real-life story of how the DUMBEST idea ever became the BEST thing that ever happened to him. 

Lewis, John.  March 1.  [Y Graphic Novel] Y B Lewis
A first-hand account of the author’s lifelong struggle for civil and human rights spans his youth in rural Alabama, his life-changing meeting with Martin Luther King, Jr., and the birth of the Nashville Student Movement.  SEQUEL: March 2 (2015).

Lieberman, A.J.  The Silver Six.  [Y GRAPHIC NOVEL] YPB Lieberman
Discovering that they share a common connection, a group of orphans makes a daring escape from their orphanage to an uninhabited moon, where they are pursued by a powerful corporate boss who caused the deaths of their parents.

Pope, Paul.  Battling Boy.  [Y Graphic Novel] Y FIC Pope
A twelve-year-old demigod is sent to help the people of Arcopolis, a city infested with monsters.  PREQUEL: Rise of Aurora West (2014).

Price, Liz.  Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir.  [Y GRAPHIC NOVEL] Y B Price
Eschewing female stereotypes throughout her early years and failing to gain acceptance on the boys’ baseball team, Liz learns to embrace her own views on gender as she comes of age, in an anecdotal graphic novel memoir.

Stevenson, Noelle.  Nimona.  [Y GRAPHIC NOVEL] Y FIC Stevenson
Lord Blackheart, a villain with a vendetta, and his sidekick, Nimona, an impulsive young shapeshifter, must prove to the kingdom that Sir Goldenloin and the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics aren’t the heroes everyone thinks they are.

Tamaki, Mariko.  This One Summer.  [Y Graphic Novel] Y FIC Tamaki
A young teenage girls’ latest summer at a beach lake house is overshadowed by her parents’ constant arguments, her younger friend’s secret sorrows and the dangerous activities of older teens.

Telgemeier, Raina.  Drama.  [Y Graphic Novel] Y FIC Telgemeier 
Callie rides an emotional roller coaster while serving on the stage crew for a middle school production of Moon over Mississippi as various relationships start and end, and others never quite get going.

Telgemeier, Raina.  Smile.  [Y Graphic Novel] Y B Telgemeier 
From sixth grade through tenth, Raina copes with a variety of dental problems that affect her appearance and how she feels about herself.  COMPANIONSisters (2014)

TenNapel, Doug.  Bad Island.  [Y Graphic Novel] Y FIC TenNapel
Lyle, Karen, Janie, and Reese must find a way off an island while they dodge strange and dangerous things on the island. 

Wilson, G.  Ms. Marvel. 1, No Normal.  [Y GRAPHIC NOVEL] YPB Marvel
Kamala Khan, a Pakistani American girl from Jersey City who lives a conservative Muslim lifestyle with her family, suddenly acquires superhuman powers and, despite the pressures of school and home, tries to use her abilities to help her community.

Yang, Gene Luen.  The Shadow Hero.  [Y GRAPHIC NOVEL]
In the comics boom of the 1940s, a legend was born: the Green Turtle. He solved crimes and fought injustice just like the other comics characters. But this mysterious masked crusader was hiding something more than your run-of-the-mill secret identity… The Green Turtle was the first Asian American super hero. The comic had a short run before lapsing into obscurity, but the acclaimed author of American Born Chinese, Gene Luen Yang, has finally revived this character in Shadow Hero, a new graphic novel that creates an origin story for the Green Turtle.


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