Fruits and Vegetables

Carle, Eric.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  [FAVORITES]

Carrer, Chiara.  Otto Carrotto.  [STORIES]

Chernesky, Felicia.  Cheers for a Dozen Ears: A Summer Crop Counting.  [CONCEPTS]

Cherry, Lynn.  How Groundhog’s Garden Grew.  [NATURE]

Conrad, Pam.  Molly and the Strawberry Day.  [GROWING UP]

Daley, Lashon.  Mr. Okra Sells Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.  [NATURE]

Dean, James.  Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana.  Reader 1 D

Ehlert, Lois.  Eating the Alphabet: Fruits and Vegetables from A to Z.  [CONCEPTS]

Fleming, Candace.  Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!  [NATURE]

Gravett, Emily.  Orange Pear Apple Bear.  [CONCEPTS]

Howell, Trisha Adelena.  The Adventures of Melon and Turnip.  [OLDER]

Hutchins, Pat.  Bumpety Bump.  [RHYMES & SONGS]

McClements, George.  Night of the Veggie Monster.  [GROWING UP]

Reidy, Jean.  Too Pickley!  [RHYMES & SONGS]

Reynolds, Aaron.  Creepy Carrots!  [STORIES]

Rosenthal, Amy Krouse.  Little Pea.  [STORIES]

Segal, John.  Carrot Soup.  [NATURE]

Stead, Philip.  Creamed Tuna Fish and Peas on Toast.  [FAVORITES]

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