Friendship Fiction (Teen)

Andrews, Jesse.  Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.  Y FIC Andrews
Seventeen-year-old Greg has managed to become part of every social group at his Pittsburgh high school without having any friends, but his life changes when his mother forces him to befriend Rachel, a girl he once knew in Hebrew school who has leukemia.

Avi.  Blue Heron.  Y FIC Avi
While spending the month of August on the Massachusetts shore with her father, stepmother, and their new baby, almost thirteen-year-old Maggie finds beauty in and draws strength from a great blue heron, even as the family around her unravels.

Benway, Robin.  Emmy and Oliver.  Y FIC Benway
Since her best friend Oliver was kidnapped ten years ago, Emmy’s parents have smothered her with their relentless worry, and when Oliver suddenly reappears in his hometown, he and Emmy struggle to face the messy, confusing consequences of the crime.

Blume, Judy.  Here’s to You, Rachel Robinson.  Y FIC Blume
Expelled from boarding school, Charles’ presence at home proves disruptive, especially for sister Rachel, a gifted seventh grader juggling friendships and school activities.

Carter, Alden R.  Bull Catcher.  Y FIC Carter
Pete and Jeff continue their friendship and love of baseball as they progress from ninth grade through high school in their small Wisconsin town.

Cox, William Robert.  Home Court is Where You Find It.  Y FIC Cox
A 16-year-old basketball star from a broken home who has been expelled from 3 schools in California enters an eastern boarding school that has a losing basketball team.

Danziger, Paula.  P.S. Longer Letter Later.  Y FIC Danziger
Twelve-year-old best friends Elizabeth and Tara-Starr continue their friendship through letter-writing after Tara-Starr’s family moves to another state.

DeWoskin, Rachel.  Blind.  Y FIC DeWoskin
After a horrific accident leaves her blind, fifteen-year-old Emma, one of seven children, eagerly starts high school as a sophomore, and finds that nearly everything has changed–sometimes for the better.

Franklin, Emily & Halpin, Brendan.  Tessa Masterson Will Go to Prom.  Y FIC Franklin
Feeling humiliated and confused when his best friend Tessa rejects his love and reveals a long-held secret , high school senior Luke must decide if he should stand by Tessa when she invites a female date to the prom, sparking a firestorm of controversy in their small Indiana town.

Friend, Natasha.  My Life in Black & White.  Y FIC Friend
When beautiful high school student Lexi is involved in an automobile accident that leaves her disfigured, she must learn who she really is beyond a pretty face, and she must also learn to forgive.

Friend, Natasha  Where You’ll Find Me.  Y FIC Friend
After her mother’s attempted suicide, thirteen-year-old Anna goes to live with her father and his new family, and learns to navigate the shifting loyalties of middle school friendships.

Gansworth, Eric L.  If I Ever Get Out of Here.  Y FIC Gansworth
Seventh-grader Lewis “Shoe” Blake from the Tuscarora Reservation has a new friend, George Haddonfield from the local Air Force base, but in 1975 upstate New York there is a lot of tension and hatred between Native Americans and Whites–and Lewis is not sure that he can rely on friendship.

Graff, Lisa.  Lost in the Sun.  Y FIC Graff
As Trent Zimmerman struggles to move past a traumatic event that took place several months earlier, he befriends class outcast Fallon Little, who helps him understand that he can move on.

Graham, Hilary Weisman.  Reunited.  Y FIC Graham
Alice, Summer, and Tiernan were best friends who broke up at the same time as their favorite band, but four years later, just before they are preparing to go off to college, the girls reluctantly come back together, each with her own motives, for a road trip from Massachusetts to Austin, Texas, for the band’s one-time-only reunion concert.

Griffin, Paul.  When Friendship Followed Me Home.  Y FIC Griffin
Seventh-grader Ben, always an outsider, is led into a deep friendship with Halley, who is being treated for cancer, by the special dog he and his adoptive mother take in.

Harmon, Michael B.  Stick.  Y FIC Harmon
Stick, a star football player who’s become disenchanted with the game, becomes friends with Preston, a nerdy kid who fights crime by night.

Hillyer, Lexa.  Proof of Forever.  Y FIC Hillyer
Four former friends are transported back in time to a pivotal summer in all of their lives during a camp reunion.

Howland, Leila.  Nantucket Blue.  Y FIC Howland (SERIES)
Seventeen-year-old Cricket Thompson is planning on spending a romantic summer on Nantucket Island near her long time crush, Jay–but the death of her best friend’s mother, and her own sudden intense attraction to her friend’s brother Zach are making this summer complicated. SEQUEL: Nantucket Red (2014).

Johnson, Varian.  The Great Greene Heist.  Y FIC Johnson
Jackson Greene has a reputation as a prankster at Maplewood Middle School, but after the last disaster he is trying to go straight–but when it looks like Keith Sinclair may steal the election for school president from Jackson’s former best friend Gabriela, he assembles a team to make sure Keith does not succeed.

LaCour, Nina.  The Disenchantments.  Y FIC LaCour
Colby’s post-high school plans have long been that he and his best friend Beth would tour with her band, then spend a year in Europe, but when she announces that she will start college just after the tour, Colby struggles to understand why she changed her mind and what losing her means for his future.

Lockhart, E.  We Were Liars.  Y FIC Lockhart
Spending the summers on her family’s private island off the coast of Massachusetts with her cousins and a special boy named Gat, teenaged Cadence struggles to remember what happened during her fifteenth summer.

Luurtsema, Nat.  Goldfish.  Y FIC Luurtsema
A young swimmer is marginalized and bereft after her Olympics ambitions are dashed, compelling her to work as a coach for three popular boys with whom she forges a unique bond that is shaped by their different social statuses at school.

Metzger, Lois.  Missing Girls.  Y FIC Metzger
During eighth grade, Carrie moves in with her grandmother, becomes friends with an indrawn classmate, and comes to terms with her mother’s death.

Monninger, Joseph.  Finding Somewhere.  Y FIC Monninger
Sixteen-year-old Hattie and eighteen-year-old Delores set off on a road trip that takes unexpected turns as they discover the healing power of friendship and confront what each of them is fleeing from.

Nelson, Theresa.  And One For All.  Y FIC Nelson
Geraldine’s close relationship with her older brother Wing and his friend Sam changes when Wing joins the Marines and Sam leaves for Washington to join a peace march.

Norriss, Andrew.  Friends For Life.  Y FIC Norriss
Francis Meredith is a boy who is interested in fashion and costuming, which has made him a target at school, but when he meets Jessica and Andi his life begins to change–Andi is an athletic girl with a reputation for fighting and family in the fashion business, and Jessica is a ghost who has no idea how she died.

Paulsen, Gary.  The Foxman.  Y FIC Paulsen
A town boy sent to live on a remote wilderness farm forms a friendship with an elderly, disfigured man who teaches him many things.

Portes, Andrea.  The Fall of Butterflies.  Y FIC Portes
Enrolled by her famous genius mother at an elite prep school where she knows she will be a misfit, Willa finds herself in the shadow of a girl whose outward appearance of privilege and popularity come at a terrible price.

Rudetsky, Seth.  My Awesome/Awful Popularity Plan.  Y FIC Rudetsky
Chubby, Jewish, and gay high school sophomore Justin Goldblatt plans to become popular by the end of the year, but instead of dating the star quarterback he catches the eye of Becky, the quarterback’s girlfriend, while his best friend, Spencer, stops speaking to him.

Sachar, Louis.  Holes.  Y FIC Sachar/ Y PB S
As further evidence of his family’s bad fortune which they attribute to a curse on a distant relative, Stanley Yelnats is sent to a hellish correctional camp in the Texas desert where he finds his first real friend, a treasure, and a new sense of himself.

Schmidt, Gary D.  Orbiting Jupiter.  Y FIC Schmidt
Jack, 12, tells the gripping story of Joseph, 14, who joins his family as a foster child. Damaged in prison, Joseph wants nothing more than to find his baby daughter, Jupiter, whom he has never seen. When Joseph has begun to believe he’ll have a future, he is confronted by demons from his past that force a tragic sacrifice. 

Spinelli, Jerry.  Crash.  YPB Spinelli
Seventh-grader John “Crash” Coogan has always been comfortable with his tough, aggressive behavior, until his relationship with an unusual Quaker boy and his grandfather’s stroke make him consider the meaning of friendship and the importance of family.

Springer, Kristina.  Cici Reno: #Middleschoolmatchmaker.  Y FIC Springer
When Cici Reno offers to help her best friend get a guy’s attention by pretending to be her online, Cici begins to fall for the guy himself, causing tension between the two friends.

Stead, Rebecca.  Goodbye Stranger.  Y FIC Stead
As Bridge makes her way through seventh grade on Manhattan’s Upper West Side with her best friends, curvacious Em, crusader Tab, and a curious new friend–or more than friend–Sherm, she finds the answer she has been seeking since she barely survived an accident at age eight: “What is my purpose?”

Vail, Rachel.  Unfriended.  Y FIC Vail
When thirteen-year-old Truly is invited to sit at the Popular Table, she finds herself caught in a web of lies and misunderstandings, made unescapable by the hyperconnected social media world.

Voigt, Cynthia.  David and Jonathan.  Y FIC Voigt
The relationship between two close friends, Henry and Jonathan, changes when Jonathan’s cousin David, a victim of the Holocaust, comes to live with David’s family.

Whitaker, Alecia.  Queen of Kentucky.  Y FIC Whitaker
Fourteen-year-old Ricki Jo, a Kentucky farm girl, learns that popularity is not all she hoped it would be when the huge changes she makes in her personality and style seem to do more to drive away old friends than to win new ones.

Wood, June Rae.  When Pigs Fly.  Y FIC Wood
Thirteen-year-old Buddy Rae and her best friend Jiniwin do everything together–taking care of Buddy’s slow younger sister, “parenting” egg babies, talking about boys, and dealing with Buddy’s family move to a farm outside Turnback, Missouri.

Yeh, Kat.  The Truth About Twinkie Pie.  Y FIC Yeh
When twelve-year-old GiGi and her big sister DiDi move to Long Island from South Carolina for GiGi to attend a fancy new private school, GiGi has a new recipe for success and makes new friends, but then discovers a family secret that turns her life upside-down.

Zentner, Jeff.  The Serpent King.  Y FIC Zentner
The son of a Pentecostal preacher faces his personal demons as he and his two outcast friends try to make it through their senior year of high school in rural Forrestville, Tennessee without letting the small-town culture destroy their creative spirits and sense of self.

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