Fear of the Dark

Books about this topic can be found in the [GROWING UP] (LIGHT BLUE label) section of the picture book area unless another location is specified.

Baker, Ken.  Brave Little Monster.

Davis, Jon.  Small Blue and the Deep Dark Night.

Edwards, Michelle.  What’s That Noise?

Egielski, Richard.  The Sleepless Little Vampire.  [STORIES]

Gal, Susan.  Night Lights.  [STORIES]

Genechten, Guido.  No Ghosts Under My Bed.

Gibbons, Faye.  Night in the Barn.  [NATURE]

Hoban, Russell.  Bedtime for Frances.  [FAVORITES]

Jennings, Sharon.  No Monsters Here.

Meserve, Jessica.  Bedtime Without Arthur.

Schaefer, Carole Lexa.  Who’s There?

Smallman, Steve.  There’s No Such Thing as Monsters!  [STORIES]

Snicket, Lemony.  The Dark.

Spelman, Cornelia.  When I Feel Scared.  [PTS]

Valentine, Madeline.  George in the Dark

Waddell, Martin.  Can’t You Sleep, Little Bear?  JPB W

Watt, Melanie.  Scaredy Squirrel at Night.  [FAVORITES]

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