Fantasy – Transformations

Throne of the Crescent Moon
by Saladin AhmedFantasy. Having devoted his entire life to hunting ghuls, Doctor Adoulla Makhslood looks forward to a well-earned retirement. But when his old flame’s family becomes the target of a savage ghul attack, Adoulla must seek and destroy the evil sorcerer who created the monsters. He sets off on a perilous journey into the desert, accompanied by his dervish apprentice Raseed and young Badawi tribeswoman Zamia, who seeks revenge on the ghuls that slaughtered her entire clan and who can also transform into a golden lioness. This debut is the 1st book in a planned trilogy; for another tale of magic and revenge with a Middle Eastern setting, you might enjoy Melanie Rawn’s The Diviner.

Thief’s Magic
by Trudi CanavanEpic Fantasy. While excavating an ancient tomb, archaeologist-scholar Tyen Ironsmelter discovers a sentient book named Vella, created by a sorcerer from the body of a living woman. Although he knows he should turn Vella over to the Academy, lest she — and the knowledge she holds — fall into the wrong hands, Tyen is reluctant to give up his new companion. In a parallel storyline, a young woman named Rielle Lazuli defies both her family’s wishes and the law of the land to develop her innate, illicit magical powers instead of submitting to an arranged marriage and a comfortable, if dull, life. Set in two very different worlds — one an industrialized society powered by magic, the other a theocracy ruled by priests and angels — Thief’s Magic is the 1st book in the Millennium’s Rule trilogy, followed byAngel of Storms.

by Rhiannon HeldContemporary Fantasy. As Enforcer for the Roanoke Pack, werewolf Andrew Dare is responsible for tracking down and capturing any lone were-creatures that set foot in his territory. But his latest quarry — a young woman who calls herself “Silver,” who can no longer shift into her wolf-form because she’s been injected with poisonous silver — proves to be Andrew’s biggest challenge yet, and not just because she claims to see Death in the form of a large black wolf. Disregarding the Roanoke Alpha’s instructions to kill Silver, Andrew instead decides to investigate the group that captured and tortured her — a group whose methods could endanger every werewolf in North America.

Blood and Memory
by Fiona McIntoshEpic Fantasy. Whenever warrior Wyl Thirsk dies, he takes the form of his killer, thanks to a curse known as “the Quickening.” At present, Wyl is trapped in the body of a female assassin, but that could easily change since numerous enemies are searching for him. Foremost among Wyl’s foes is the corrupt and tyrannical ruler King Celimus, who is responsible for murdering Wyl’s best friend, torturing Wyl’s sister, and plotting to wed Wyl’s lover in order to gain control of her realm. Faced with an opportunity to confront the witch who bestowed the curse, Wyl must decide whether to get rid of his unwanted ability or use it to kill Celimus (before Celimus kills him).

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