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Steampunk Roundup
Doktor Glass
by Thomas Brennan

Steampunk. A faceless corpse lies on the recently completed Transatlantic Span, the vast suspension bridge that connects Liverpool and New York City. Assigned to the case is newly widowed police Inspector Matthew Langton. The investigation quickly takes a turn for the supernatural, bringing Langton into the orbit of a gang of soul-stealers known as Jar Boys and their shadowy patron, Doktor Glass, who may be connected to the body on the bridge, as well as the death of Langton’s own wife. Steampunk fans who enjoy a good police procedural should enjoy this alternate world, Victorian-themed whodunit.

The Diabolical Miss Hyde
by Viola Carr

Steampunk. Inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel, this series opener introduces Eliza, daughter of the infamous Henry Jekyll. Like her father, Eliza is a doctor — though unlike her murderous parent, she works for the police as a crime scene investigator. She’s also got an alter ego: the impulsive Lizzie Hyde. As if chasing down serial killers weren’t enough of a challenge, Eliza must also protect Lizzie (and herself) from Captain Remy Lafayette of the Royal Society, which distinguishes between science (the law of the realm) and sorcery (punishable by death). If you enjoy The Diabolical Miss Hyde, don’t miss its sequel, The Devious Dr. Jekyll.

The Shadow Revolution: Crown & Key
by Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith

Steampunk. Werewolves stalk the streets of London and it’s up to magician Simon Archer to stop them from preying on the city’s human population. Complicating the situation is alchemist Kate Anstruther, who has evidence linking the attacks to a conspiracy that could destabilize England. This series opener, the 1st book in a trilogy, continues with The Undying Legion and The Conquering Dark. The novel’s action-packed plot, atmospheric setting, and odd-couple protagonists may appeal to fans of Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris’ Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series.

The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack
by Mark Hodder

Steampunk. When the supposedly mythical Spring-Heeled Jack starts terrorizing 1861 London, it’s up to explorer and adventurer Sir Richard Francis Burton to track down the monster. Accompanied by his louche and libidinous sidekick, poet Algernon Swinburne, Burton tracks the beast and attempts to thwart a werewolf invasion by enlisting the help of everyone who was anyone in 19th-century Britain, except Queen Victoria (sorry, she was assassinated). With its steampunk-inflected world, nifty technology (complete with pneumatic railways), and time travel hijinks, this inventive fusion of fantasy, mystery, classic literature, and historical fiction will delight fans of Alan Moore’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

King of the Cracksmen: A Steampunk Entertainment
by Dennis O’Flaherty

Steampunk. Sometimes, the luck of the Irish runs out. When Liam McCool, dubbed “King of the Cracksmen” by his fellow safecrackers, is caught and arrested, he’s given a choice: go to prison for a very long time or become an informant for the government. Partnering with muckracking journalist Becky Fox, Liam discovers a conspiracy involving former U.S. Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, who now runs the powerful Department of Public Safety, enforcing harsh laws with an army of automatons. Set in an alternate Reconstruction-era United States, one in which Lincoln was never assassinated and Russia controls most of the territory west of the Mississippi River, this novel may appeal to Cherie Priest’s Clockwork Century series.

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