Fantasy – Smooth Criminals

Smooth Criminals
The Republic of Thieves
by Scott Lynch

Sword and Sorcery. This 3rd installment of the Gentleman Bastards series, after The Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Seas Under Red Skies, opens with notorious thief and con artist Locke Lamora slowly succumbing to death by poisoning while his partner-in-crime, Jean, scrambles to find an antidote. It turns out that the price of saving Locke’s life is working for the Bondsmagi of the city of Karthain, who want the duo to rig a local election. Meanwhile, the return of Locke’s long-lost love, Sabetha, complicates an already sticky situation. For more lively, witty fantasy caper novels starring charming rogues, check out Rachel Aaron’s Legend of Eli Monpress series, beginning with The Spirit Thief.

The Thorn of Dentonhill
by Marshall Ryan Maresca

Fantasy. Veranix Calbert lives a double life. By day, he studies magic at the University of Maradaine; each night, he disguises himself as vigilante “Thorn” and battles crime boss William Fenmere, the man responsible for the death of Veranix’s father. Intercepting a shipment of magical artifacts intended for a circle of local mages gives Veranix the leverage he seeks over Fenmere, but also rouses the ire of the would-be recipients. Fast-paced and engaging, The Thorn of Dentonhill is the opening installment of a series that continues withThe Alchemy of Chaos.

Don’t Kill the Messenger
by Eileen Rendahl

Urban Fantasy. After a near-death experience transforms her from a Mundane into an Arcane, Melina Markowitz becomes a Messenger, a”glorified gopher to the things that go bump in the night.” As the go-between for Sacramento’s supernatural communities, whose members tend not to get along very well, Melina works hard to ensure that things don’t get out of hand. When a routine drop turns ugly, Melina, now pursued by assassins, must work with an assortment of supernatural allies to prevent a full-scale gang war.Don’t Kill the Messenger is the 1st book in the Messenger series.

The Mime Order: A Novel
by Samantha Shannon

Fantasy. Having spearheaded a daring escape from Sheol I, a prison camp for Britain’s clairvoyants run by the otherworldly Rephaim, fugitive Paige Mahoney returns to London — and her Mime Lord (boss), Jaxon Hall — while hiding from Scion, England’s authoritarian puppet government. With most of society under Scion’s control, Paige’s only hope of defeating the Rephaim is convincing the leaders of London’s criminal syndicate to mount a resistance. But in-fighting among the various Mime Lords prompts Paige (and her few allies) to take drastic action. Due to this series’ intricate plotting, detailed world-building, and rapid-fire underworld slang, newcomers to the series should start with The Bone Season.

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