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Tracing the Shadow
by Sarah AshHigh Fantasy. Years ago, the Kingdom of Francia purged its mages and eradicated magic from the land — thanks in large part to the efforts of Head Inquisitor Alois Visant. But when Guerriere (holy warrior) Captain Ruaud de Lanvaux rescues Klervie, a street urchin and orphaned daughter of a mage whose sole possession is a book that contains a sentient, ethereal being, neither one may survive the events that follow. Set in the same world as the author’s Tears of Artamon trilogy (beginning with Lord of Snow and Shadows), Tracing the Shadow is the opening volume in the Alchymist’s Legacy series, followed by Flight Into Darkness.

Holder of Lightning
by S.L. FarrellCeltic Fantasy. While tending her family’s flock, 17-year-old shepherd’s daughter Jenna Aoire finds a small stone on Knobtop Hill and pockets it. She then discovers that this ordinary-looking pebble is the Lámh Shábhála, a powerful magical object belonging to the Cloudmages. The stone has chosen Jenna, which makes her the First Holder. While Jenna does not particularly want the stone — or the responsibility that comes with being its keeper — there are plenty of others who do and who will stop at nothing to get it. If you enjoyHolder of Lightning, you’ll want to read its sequels, Mage of Cloudsand Heir of Stone.

Feast of Souls
by C.S. FriedmanFantasy. Everything has a price, and in C.S. Friedman’s 1st book in the Magister Trilogy, the cost of magic is life itself — each and every spell drains somebody’s life force. In King Danton Aurelius’s realm, female witches eat away at their own lives with each spell-casting, while the all-male Magisters gain near-immortality by drawing power from others’ demises. When a powerfully talented young woman, Kamala, flouts ancient law and secretly trains as a Magister, her fate becomes intertwined with that of the king’s son, the mysteriously ailing Prince Andovan. Booklist praises the novel’s “powerful, intricate plotting and gripping characters.”

The Shattered Court
by M.J. ScottFantasy. Lady Sophia Kendall is 32nd in line for the throne of Anglion and only days away from her Ais-Seann, the coming-of-age ritual that will decide her fate. If her family’s magical powers manifest in her, she’ll be hastily married off to a nobleman, her magic bound to his estate. But before the ritual can take place, Anglion is invaded and Sophia must flee the royal court, accompanied by Lieutenant Cameron Mackenzie, a member of the royal guard. However, that doesn’t necessarily stop her magic from emerging — and trying to consume her. The Shattered Court is the 1st installment of Australian fantasy author M.J. Scott’s Four Arts series.

Magic Lost, Trouble Found
by Lisa ShearinFantasy. Sorceress Raine Benares’ magical abilities are modest at best until she acquires an amulet stolen from the home of necromancer Nachtmagus Nigelius Nicabar. But even the amulet’s power isn’t enough to keep Raine safe from the goblins that pursue her. Honestly, she’d give it back if she could, but amulets choose — and bond to — their wearers, not the other way around. Narrated by its streetwise heroine, this fast-paced series starter, which continues with Armed and Magical, may appeal to fans of Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels books.

Storm Glass
by Maria V. SnyderRomantic Fantasy. Glassmaker and apprentice magician Opal Cowan possesses a rare talent for channeling magic into glass, although the magicians of the Stormdancer clan (including the attractive, brooding Kade) tend to think of her as a one-trick pony. However, when someone sabotages the Stormdancers’ glass orbs that control the weather, it’s up to Opal to use her unique magic to help them. If you enjoy this blend of magic, mystery, and romance, you’ll be glad to know that Opal’s adventures continue in Sea Glass and Spy Glass. All three novels are a spin-off of Maria V. Snyder’s Study trilogy, which starts with Poison Study.

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