Family Fiction (Grades 2-4)

Adler, David A.  Andy and Tamika.  J FIC Adler 
Preoccupied with the impending arrival of his new baby brother or sister, fourth grader Andy gets in lots of trouble at home and at school.

Blume, Judy.  The One in the Middle is a Green Kangaroo.  JPB B
Freddy hates being the middle one in the family until he gets a part in the school play.

Harper, Jessica.  Uh-Oh Cleo.  J FIC Harper
What starts out as a perfectly ordinary day in the Small house turns into Stiches Saturday when Cleo gets a cut on the head after her twin brother, Jack, accidentally pulls down their “Toy House.”

Henkes, Kevin.  The Year of Billy Miller.  J FIC Henkes
Seven-year-old Billy Miller starts second grade with a bump on his head and a lot of worries, but by the end of the year he has developed good relationships with his teacher, his little sister, and his parents and learned many important lessons.

Hood, Ann.  Angel of the Battlefield.  J FIC Hood (The Treasure Chest SERIES)
When their parents divorce, twelve-year-old twins Felix and Maisie move with their mother to live in the attic of a historic Newport, Rhode Island, mansion where they discover a hidden room that carries with it an intriguing secret.

Hurwitz, Johanna.  Busybody Nora.  JPB H
Relates the adventures of an inquisitive little girl who lives in a large apartment building in New York with her parents and little brother Teddy.

King-Smith, Dick.  The Mouse Family Robinson.  J FIC King-Smith
After a close call with the cat who stalks the hallways, a family of wild mice, including adventurous, young Beaumont and elderly Uncle Brown, emigrates to a more mouse-friendly house down the block.

Leavitt, Lindsey.  The Big Move.  JPB L  (Commander in Cheese) 
Mice siblings who live in the White House prepare for a new president to move in.  SEQUEL: Oval Office Escape (2016).

O’Neill, Catharine. Annie and Simon.  J FIC O’Neill
Recounts four adventures of Annie, her big brother, Simon, and their dog, Hazel.

Peterson, John.  The Littles.  JPB P  (SERIES)
The Littles are a family of tiny people who live in the Bigg family’s house. Mr. Little is only six inches tall, and he is big for a Little. The Littles develop a plan to get rid of the mice in the Bigg’s house.

Urban, Linda.  Weekends with Max and His Dad.  J FIC Urban
Third-grader Max pursues neighborhood adventures with his dad as they both adjust to recent changes in their family.

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