Earth (Recycling, Earth Day, Earth Awareness)

Books about this topic can be found in the [NATURE] (DARK GREEN Label) section of the picture book area unless another location is specified

Alter, Anna.  What Can You Do With an Old Red Shoe.  J 745.5 A (Craft Book)

Berkes, Marianne.  Over in the Jungle: A Rainforest Rhyme.  [RHYMES & SONGS]

Capucilli, Alyssa Satin.  Biscuit’s Earth Day Celebration.  [HOLIDAY]

Cherry, Lynne.  The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest. 

Child, Lauren.  What Planet Are You From Clarice Bean?

Craig, Rebecca.  EcoCrafts: Gorgeous Gifts.  J 745.5 C (Craft Book)

Fleischmann, Paul.  Weslandia.  [OLDER]

Fleming, Denise.  Where Once There Was a Wood.

French, Lisa S.  A Planet Called Home: Eco-Pig’s Animal Protection.

French, Lisa S.  What Does it Mean to be Green?: Eco-Pig Explains Living Green.

French, Lisa S.  Who Turned up the Heat?: Eco-Pig Explains Global Warming.

George, Jean Craighead.  The Last Polar Bear.

George, Kristine O’Connell.  Old Elm Speaks: Tree Poems.  J 811 George

Glaser, Linda.  Our Big Home: A Earth Poem.

Herzog, Brad.  S is For Save the Planet.  J 333.72 H

Inches, Alison.  The Adventures of an Aluminum Can.

Middleton, Charlotte.  Nibbles: A Green Tale.

Miller, Edward.  Recycling Day.

Murphy, Stuart J.  Earth Day-Hooray!  J 513 M

Parr, Todd.  The Earth Book.

Peet, Bill.  The Wump World.  [FAVORITES]

Randolph, Joanne.  Greenley: A Tree’s Story.

Schnetzler, Patricia L.  Earth Day Birthday.  [HOLIDAY]

Seuss, Dr.  The Lorax.  [FAVORITES]

Silverstein, Shel.  The Giving Tree.  [FAVORITES]

Spinelli, Eileen.  Miss Fox’s Class Goes Green.

Udry, Janice May.  A Tree is Nice.  [FAVORITES]

Wiley, Thom.  Big Earth, Little Me.  JPB W

Wong, Janet S.  The Dumpster Diver.  [STORIES]

Wright, Maureen.  Earth Day Birthday.

Yolen, Jane.  Letting Swift River Go.  JPB Y

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